Thursday, December 4, 2008

Life in London Town

151 Cromwell Road! My crib!

Road behind Cromwell road - illuminated by winter 2pm light. Sadness. 4 celcius.

Natural History Museum, Kewl place to work! but the food sux to the max. Its huge and free!
Stuffed animals, T-rex fossils, Blue whale skeleton, Dodo bird, Star of South Africa, Giant Earth with escalator through it, Giant Squid, Charles Darwin's beard in an envelope etc.

Library, from the outside. Kind dull a building. Top floor is in the distance is the Blyth Music centre.
Queens Lawn, Queens tower inset. The tower the only remaning part of the old Imperial College and is lined up with the Natural History Museum, Royal Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial!

Library cafe - tables with computer access! What more could a guy ask for in a cafe?! oh yeah, Good food...

Library level 1, Group discussion area, printers and lounge!! Whoa, talk about painting the town red! Love the designers sense of colour.

Library 5th floor - Haldane collection, where you can get music books, Business books, medical journals. Silent study area! Shhhh...

A scene from ACEX 250 LT1, where i spend most of my days at, listening to old people talking.
Note the class half empty, or half full to be positive!

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