Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chapter 8 Oct 20 IT Questions

In the new information technology field, a whole new sector is booming and is being integrated into the old economy.

IT now encompasses almost everything we do. If you are applying fo an IT job in big companies, it is best that

1) You find out their requirements and programming needs. Most companies will advertise that they need programmers, or graphic designers or web designers.Knowing what the company is looking for and fitting your skills to that will help you make the most out of your interviews. At the very least, you will be interviewed by programmers who will then most likely ask you to write a code for them.

For the rest of us in the old economy, the standard offices have changed in the way they operate over the years. Just 20 years ago, the office is usually filled to the brim with papers and stacks of notes. In the modern office, one can expect to see a computer on each work station or on your desk. Have you ever wondered why Bill Gates is so filthy rich? That is because your office is partly contributing to his wealth. This is because when an interviewer asks about you IT skills, he or she is usually asking:

2) Can you use Microsoft office well!

That is it! Simple. If you can use Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and some other packages you will be fine! However, you must give some examples of when you used such programmes to help you.

Simple no!

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