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Chapter 5 Oct 17 Teamworking skills

During the interview, recruiters will be asking a series of questions. Are the questions random? Nope, usually, many questions are dressed up in complex sentences but the main goal of the interview is to guage your skills. There are many skills that employers look for in particular, teamworking skills. Although the questions come in different forms, the main thing the interviewer is trying to decipher is whether you would be suitable in their team. Recruiters like to call this the fit question!

No doubt one of the most frequently asked questions in an interview is the team work question. Indeed, there are brillant people are out there, but they cannot work in teams at all! This is alright for small companies, where as large companies demand the ability to work in teams.

So how abouts do you answer such questions? It is true that the average individual has more than enough teamworking skills, but still, there is a tendency to freeze or panic if one is not well prepared!

Well, the first thing to do is
1) Think of 5 examples of how/where/when you worked in a team

Here are some starting points:

A group project

An event you helped with

A society or Group

Something you helped run

Voluntary work

Charity events

For your examples, you will have to also think

2) What where the challenges? Saying you work in a team does not seem to cut it for some interviewers and they want to know what were the difficulties you faced while working in a team. =(

You can try answers along the lines of
Financial constraint

Time constraint

Any form of communication barrier

Hasn't been done before

Cooperation problems

Manpower limitations

Indeed, teams do not run smoothly always, but you should have some ammo to tackle the questions you are posed with. However, everytime people work in teams, they usually are set to achieve something.Therefore, it would be wise to

3) State the outcome of the teamwork. Was it a success? Failure? Perhaps you learned new things?

Usually after examples 2 or 3, most interviewers are satisfied that you demonstrated teamworking skills and will go on!

Objective of the interview

Things to prepare

At the Interview

Introducing yourself

Teamwork Skills

Technical skills


IT Questions

Hobby Questions

Ambition Questions

Money Questions

Fermi Questions

Weakness Questions

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