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Chapter 9 Oct 21 Hobby Questions

What do you do for a hobby? This question might be thrown into the interview more importantly than you think. Questions regarding your interests can tell a lot about your personality and how you can handle work pressures.

Not convinced? Say an interviewer throws you a hobby question and as an average person, one may answer:

As a hobby, I enjoy playing the guitar occassionally playing the piano. During my free time I swim and take art classes whilst doing some photography for entertainment.


Well, at first glance, this person may seem like an antisocial narcissit who needs to find better things to do. Unfortunately, this is the impression you will give an interviewer who will then make the conclusion that you are too self centered or need some social skills to survive in the company. What if you can turn those impressions into something impressive? YOu can!

So in a big way, hobby questions can be turned into your advantage if you are prepared

1) to demonstrate that you have skills outside your core skills. It would be most attractive to hire a person who is well rounded with a broad skills base.

Take the above example, just by rephrasing the way you answer the hobby question, you can turn that into a plus point, bringing you one step to your goal. From the example above, I will show you how you can change the impression you have just by elaborating:

As a hobby, I enjoy playing the guitar, occassionally playing the piano. I play for a band in my school/society where the five group members usually get together to practice. We would typically perform every Friday at school to promote music. Our biggest achievement there was raising funds for some orhpanage through playing our music on the streets.

During my free time I swim. I am a member of Some Swimming Club and I was also the President for year 2010. As a senior member, I organise swimming meets where a group of us will invite swimmers from other schools/classes for friendly competitions. For me, not only is swimming very revitalising, it improved my stamina and focus at work. For me, the biggest achievement was not winning gold medals in the ABC swimming competition, but to teach others to swim as well.

I also take art classes whilst doing some photography for entertainment. I am constantly challenging myself to be creative by experimenting with new styles and learning new techniques in photography. Not only do I get to meet various people from various backgrounds, I get to go on trips with total strangers. My last photography trip was with 50 other photographers from ABC University. Not only did I get to foster closer relationships with so many other people, I also learnt from the very best photographers out there. The artwork I am aming to produce will no doubt be inspirational to people and in a way, I hope to explore another dimension of communication via photography.

However, because we are short of time, I think we should proceed with the interview before I digress. Do you have any other questions?

*Looks at the interviewer and smiles*

Okay, if you noticed, the first few sentences are the same and the same person who we established was dull and self centered is now much more attractive as a person because of so many abilities and experience protrayed. Thus, the moral of the story is:

2) You should know your hobbies and extract out as much positive values you can from them. Also, look at the company's job profile and think what kind of person you would look for to fill the post. Structure your answers towards that fit and you will impress!

If you really prepare, I am confident that you will not run out of peotic ammo.

Do relate your experience, learnings, achievements and impact. Do not give short answers, portray self centeredness or ingorance!

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