Saturday, October 9, 2010


I found the best SIM only plan so far for the UK! Introducing GiffGaff, a company running on the O2 network that cuts the shops, publicity and staff so that the deals become frigging cheap!

If you do register, kindly place kkng_88 in the referrals box! Thanks!

What I did was registered online and my new SIM arrived in the mail after a few days!

Activate your SIM online and you can choose your plans.

No Contract. Each plan will last for a month!

Supports smart phones and 3G

To use 3G on iPhone giffgaff , you need register a profile first by clicking

Fill in your user name and password on the profile page in your iPhone and you are good to go! Or go to

to find out more. Works fine on my 3Gs.


Jasryn said...

Yeah its really good! They were advertising at Freshers Fair. Sadly I'm tied to Vodafone!

Kokd said...

Its quite good, no probs, unlimited 3G... Everyone shud get it!

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