Saturday, September 22, 2012

Treats for the weekend: Chocolate Mousse & Macaroons!

What do you do when you are free for the weekend with some spare time?

Do some French cooking!

If you are a big fan of macaroons and chocolate mousse:

Here are some links that were quite useful!

1. For a good macaroon recipe

2. For a chocolate mousse recipe

The macaroons came out really cute but they still that a lil cap on top, but the feet were perfect!

Chocolate mousse to go! The above was done without whipped cream... quite difficult to find in Malaysia, but without it, the texture flowy.Going to get some whipped cream to see what it does to the mousse.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

No idea what to study? Go look at salaries!

I have been getting this question quite a lot so might as well just put down my point of view here.
If you did not already decide to become a doctor, then read on.

In case you ask, what to study, why not look at what the employment industry has to say!
Below are some of the salaries tabulated by various companies across the top destinations.

Do take into account living standards, rent, and all the other expenses.

Malaysia Salary Guide  



USA - IT  


USA - Chemical Engineering 

To find more, scour google for " salary guide pdf "
Apart from that, if you really want to enjoy what you study, make sure the field you choose:

1.  Has been financially researched
2.  Of your interest
3.  Match your skills
4.  Provides you with transferrable skills

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Trinkets from the past

Dear blog, For the memories and your safekeeping! For the Silver medal, the dinner and the award!
The Imperial Engineer
Page 14-15. keep them safe! Your younger self.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Next Stop Mid 2012

BB, if you are reading this, then its time for you to plan where are the things to see... The last time I was here was in 1996! Click on the picture to explore! I think it will be in the summer though...

Warning: Historical Post! Keep Walking @ Johnny Walker Black Circuit Party Penang!

Whee! If you received one of these recently, then you found yourself invites to Johnny Walkers Black Circuit Party in Upper Penang Road! Sadly, wasn't me who got them! Bb somehow managed to get four invites to the partayy!

The black box came with a gold bangle individually numbered, which you use as a ticket to get in!

I wish I could take this along #3

I don't have to tell you why I would want to take this hairy guy along...(Yes hair, Shih Tzus have hair just like humans as compared to fur which is short and rough)

Anyway, Kiki is now 7+ years old and about 50 in doggie years. But with a working life, it seems that I will not be taking this critter out anytime soon...

PS: He was cuter when he was a puppy.

List of Singapore Venture Capital Companies

For anyone out there searching, this list is as of May 2012
3i Asia
3V Sourceone Capital Pte
Abacus Capital (Singapore) Pte
Adams Street
Aegis Portfolio Managers Pte
Aem Holdings
Affinity Equity Partners (S) Pte
Agate Capital Management Pte
Akshayam Capital Pte
Alpha Investment Partners
Amkor Technology S’pore Philippines Holding Pte
AR Capital Pte
Asiasons Capital
Atlantis Investment Managment (S) Pte
Axiom Asia Private
BioVeda Capital Pte
CVC Asia Pacific (Singapore) Pte.
Denham Capital Asia Pacific Pte
Duxton Asset Management Pte
Extream Ventures Pte
Frontline Strategy Pte
Giza Venture
iGlobe Treasury Management
Hamilton Lane Advisors
Henderson Asia Pacific Equity
JAFCO Investments (Asia Pacific)
K1 Ventures
Lumiere Capital
Nalanda Capital Pte
NewSmith Capital Partners (Asia) Pte Ltd
Next Century Capital Pte
Novatera Capital Pte
Octagon Capital Management Pte
One North Capital Pte
OWW Capital Partners Pte
Pegasus Capital Pte
Pinetree Capital Partners Pte
RimAsia Capital
Sage Capital Pte
SBI Ven Capital Pte
Springboard-Harper Investment Pte
Sycamore Ventures
Timbre Capital Pte
Vertex Venture Holdings
Värde Partners Asia Pte

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fong Lye - Sweet Potato Sux

To save you 6 bucks per visit, the sweet potato balls are disgusting as they are not actually potato balls, but more like flour airbags...

On the other hand, heard the soup was good... Time to dig in!

Friday, March 9, 2012

iPhone 4 & 4s with prepaid problem on Hotlink or Maxis (Solved)

Dear iPhone and Hotlink or Maxis user,

Sometimes we don't surf a lot but happen to use a smartphone without a data plan.. Suddenly it hangs!!

If you face the following symptoms:

1. Cannot call into your number
2. Cannot check balance
3. Cannot make calls
4. Cannot send or receive messages

You probably have no data on, and after you try downloading some apps the above sets in.


Go to

1. Settings> General >Network
2. Set cellular data to On
3. Wait until 3G/Edge/Gsm shows.
4. Turn off cellular data

Works for iPhone 4s on Hotlink without data plans.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nothing lasts forever my love

I have not been posting much stuff up recently due to technical reasons. Like the title says, we do hope good things last forever.

Sadly, nothing really does... Which includes my one year plus old laptop from Lenovo.

Truth be, I really live my IdeaPad U410.
500GB HDD, 2GB ram, and no DVD drive which makes it ultra light for a 14" screen!

Then it happened. A day of heavy rain on the same day as the 2011 kajang floods in December. What were the odds? I take my laptop to work everyday. But that Friday, I did not. I don't go outstation for work, but not on that day. I was in Johor. My roof don't get repaired at all, but not on that day,of all the days in the month, the repairman came that morning to fix the roof. My roof was not leaking but instead of fixing the leak, he decided to open my roof. Out of the twenty years he serviced my house he never did more than what he was told, but not on that day... And finally, the roof did not actually leak on my laptop. Some one put a drenched bouquet of flowers on my laptop, of every part of the room, why my laptop!!

So there was one in a million chance that this could happen. But it did. My poor lappie had it's first and last swimming lesson.

Well it did not. It was a power problem. Everything else worked fine. Except that I could not charge the battery.
So luckily I backed up my files before anything bad happened.

So with the 1year warranty expired, I took the laptop to Lenovo service centre at TTDI, which is actually IBM ( Lenovo acquired IBMs laptop business but still uses their centre)

I was told that I had to pay RM140 Inc parking just to get the laptop looked at for a quotation. Fine.

A few days later the engineers come back with a quotation. I bought my laptop at RM2200 and IBM wanted to charge me RM2550 for repairs. What's worse in the breakdown column or items, they put there RM2500 for a new laptop an RM50 for labour. To the IBM Malaysia employee who did that: You have the bloody [synonym for making love] nerve and you can go [the same word above] yourself.

Now have to waste my time to pick up the remnants of my poor lappie. Normal of the story, IBM Malaysia sucks. But more importantly, get a machine with more than one years warranty or invest in a little insurance.

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