Friday, March 27, 2009

And your time starts here.......!!!

Easter Holidays!!! ARRRRR!! and what more a convenient time after 2 weeks of intensive Process Control and Dynamcis. Crazy 2 weeks it was... I spent almost 2 weeks -- whole 2 weeks camping the department, from 9am to 11pm!

Rushing for the exit was quite common, as the doors in the department automatically lock after 11pm.. The first time I stayed in late, I did not realise that there was such a system and I got locked in! Luckily there were workers doing construction work at night. The project was assessed through a test and by that time I was already half cookoo! During the test, I said "Up boy, up boy" and my partner turned around and asked, " Are you talking to the temperature?" That was how sad life was..

But life isn't all that sad, I got treated to a free lunh at

and tomorrow, dim sum!!

Time to enjoy the rest of my holidays.. cant wait to get back to really enjoy my holidays!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Model in the midst!

Saturday, 14th of March 2009.. i found myself in the Bentley Hotel. a 5 star hotel in South Kensington, just 10 mins from my house fortunately. The decor was heavy and the flowers fresh. Starting at £200 a night, the hotel looks are really a sight.
But I was not just there to take pictures of pretty flowers...Guess whos lips are these? Beside my cocky smile there lies a mysterious model.

Angie Ng!!!! My "big sister" when i was in Joberon Patrol in CTC 2001! That was so so long ago when I was half her size ( I was really tiny last time ). She is studying law in Reading and is staying like 20 mins away from my place.. and in her free time, she models!! She was shooting a music video! Kewl!

Monday, March 16, 2009

MNite cast and Crew dinner!

After all our hard work in M nite 2009, the cast and crew of the amazing production was rewarded with a dinner!! Khan's restaurant at Bayswater.. and most of all, it was free!
There was about 60 people altogether comprising of cast and crew. Was there at 6 30 pm but it was quite early. Waited so long for the food but it was worth the wait. Yeah, stare at my mouth... random shot.
Dinner was curry curry curry! lamb, chicken and some funny curry! making me miss dahl from the mamak. Apart from that we had naan bread with bismati rice! But some how, the food stopped flowing and everyone started to walk arond and take picture. Some juniors i got.. 5 of them whooped out their DSLRs and looked so SPK (sua pak kau) some malaysians walking around in cameras shooting and aiming here and there with these big black boxes. so retarded (oh, u'd think that includes me too.. but most of the time i got people to shoot me, smart leh?)

Due to some compromise between the committee and the restaruant owners, we another helping of the tantalizing curry and bread! Yay.. Toast to a what was an awesome performance.. Cheers! Here's a pic of the fighters:
What a night to take home, catching up with frens and knowing everyone is okay. Here's to good health! Hope no stomach aches!

Friday, March 13, 2009

World through the eyes

Pretty eyes can tell more about a preson than you would least expect.

Here is some interesting facts about eye language!

As you’re probably aware, the brain is divided into two hemispheres. The left hemisphere is primarily responsible for logic and analytical thought, while the right hemisphere is where emotional and creative thinking occur. Because the right brain governs the left side of the body and vice-versa, we tend to look to the left when using our right brains and to the right when using our left brains.

Recalling existing information is largely a right-brain task, which means that when we’re trying to remember something we usually look to the left. Conversely, we typically look to the right when trying to construct a description or a story, making use of the logical powers of the left brain. To make matters even more interesting, looking upward suggests that a person is using images or visual memories. Looking downward is associated with kinesthetic or emotional memories, while looking directly left or right usually means the person is processing auditory data.
Using these visual ques, we can tell how someone's mind is behaving when we are communicating with them!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bad hair day... so cut it!

Thats exactly what happened today.. after a long while of neck aches, i decided to cut my hair!!

The barber's name was Murad from jordan! a friendly guy mid 20s from jordan! He was super pro at cutting can see from his skills... He even showed me wat was threading! ahaha...

Look out for my new hair (well not really new, just short, still centre.. ahaha)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

21. What does that mean to you? 21 years on this planet. 21 years of seeing the light. Its good to be 21 no? It is always nice to know that

you might be one person to the world,
but to one person you might be the world.

Yes i'm talking about you my dear Chia Li! Thank you for being the first to wish me in two time zone! You definitely made my day dear! Look what I got:

A card from my babe! and inside, there was a picture of us from 2005! So sweet and inside there was a big line "I love you". As if that was all, here is what she did for me:

Doesn't it look so creative? Ha, that was taken in sunway! Thank you for your patience dear and for spending so much time with me even if you are so far away. I really miss the time we are together. Thanks a lot dear.

Well, i received a really funny surprise today from the most my housemates (and an unlikey visiotr. Those lil sneaks)!

Fish and Chips(Fried by Zhen and baked by Wai Kit)!! How did they know I like, that i will not know... also, they made a big serving of sangria blanca(Fruits bought by Ho Meng but i cut the pineapple)! I even got 2 birthday cakes (One from Ho Meng and a chocolate cake baked by yvonne!)

yay, look at me blowing out the candle! 2 candles for 20 and a half candle for 1! haahh.. quite a laugh. And here are the sneaky people who surprised me on my birthday:Thanks very much u people. Good to have friend like you guys.. but sooner or later, we will all be 21. So stop reading this and get out and live your life!


21 today!

As of today, I am officially
Lets see, casinos, gentlemens clubs, company ownership, voting rights. Who is the man!
Thanks to all the people for their wishes! Yet to have a blast!

Friday, March 6, 2009

2nite 2remember Mnite 2009

The biggest Malaysian Student event in the UK. Even Bigger, Even better!
My second malaysian nite performance at Imperial. This time entitled Diamonds. Check out the poster!

Excerpts from the facebook group:

Once again, the Imperial College Malaysian Night returns in 2009.

Imperial College Malaysian Society presents: DIAMONDS

Dates: 27th Feb 2009 & 28th Feb 2009

The allure of diamonds and an elaborate plan unite 3 unlikely people, Leung, Karim and Samantha. However, when things go wrong, Anis, a carefree girl, and her caring boyfriend Aaron are sucked into a world of greed and treachery. As secrets and desire threaten to push Aaron and Anis to the point of no return, the fate of the diamonds, and the people involved are precariously poised for disaster. Can Aaron and Anis survive the pandemonium, or will greed have the last laugh? Find out more, at Imperial College Malaysian Night 09'.

Ticket price: 10 pounds (inclusive of meal)

Food: Brought to you specially by Makan Cafe, we have

1.Fried Noodle with boneless chicken sambal

2. Nasi Lemak (Coconut rice with sambal ikan bilis, boiled egg, peanuts and cucumber)

Me being beaten up by nigel.
Check out the fight scene at:
Congrats to Mnite Cast and Crew!!
Looking forward to the dinner!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Don't you just hate it when messages bounce back to you? sigh.. Sorry dear, but USM internet sucks bigtime. I don't think I can live without broadband!

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