Monday, March 16, 2009

MNite cast and Crew dinner!

After all our hard work in M nite 2009, the cast and crew of the amazing production was rewarded with a dinner!! Khan's restaurant at Bayswater.. and most of all, it was free!
There was about 60 people altogether comprising of cast and crew. Was there at 6 30 pm but it was quite early. Waited so long for the food but it was worth the wait. Yeah, stare at my mouth... random shot.
Dinner was curry curry curry! lamb, chicken and some funny curry! making me miss dahl from the mamak. Apart from that we had naan bread with bismati rice! But some how, the food stopped flowing and everyone started to walk arond and take picture. Some juniors i got.. 5 of them whooped out their DSLRs and looked so SPK (sua pak kau) some malaysians walking around in cameras shooting and aiming here and there with these big black boxes. so retarded (oh, u'd think that includes me too.. but most of the time i got people to shoot me, smart leh?)

Due to some compromise between the committee and the restaruant owners, we another helping of the tantalizing curry and bread! Yay.. Toast to a what was an awesome performance.. Cheers! Here's a pic of the fighters:
What a night to take home, catching up with frens and knowing everyone is okay. Here's to good health! Hope no stomach aches!


CL said... think you're very pro is it??? I don't see good shots of mine ALSOOOO. Hahah. That mouth shot is so random. Haih. Haha. Why are u all in black anyway? hmm and hey..I saw that number down there..heheh

Kokd said...

here u go dear...what good shots of yours? that mouth shot is a master piece la..Black is style.. no? think i look good in it.. but my mum doesnt agree.


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