Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Artificial Colouring Added

Aren't we glad we live in a colourful world?

Getting back from Melbourne, I wanted to take BB to someplace she has never gone before. Apart from that, it had to be exciting and good for taking pictures as well. Time to add some colour to our lives! Photography is the art of light and where better to test the limits of a camera than the most colourful place in KL, Berjaya Times Square theme park!
Shhhh!Babe asking me to keep quite! Maybe its because I was saying that dress is too sexy...

It doesn't hurt to prepare and pose!
Getting from Sunway to Times Square is a challenge in itself. You will frequently encounter this:

Yes, my favourite, traffic flavoured jam served on the Federal highway, sandwiched between an MyVi and a Proton Wira.
No matter, there is always time to get some pictures in the car. Indeed, the car provides some interesting lighting depending on where the sun is. Anyhow, getting to Times Square takes some creativity as the complex is inconveniently located in the middle of the city.

First picture in Times Square theme park.

Stepping into the complex if you find it, the building stand tall but lacks the quality of people there. Berjaya Times Square is now the biggest "pasar malam" in KL. The traders and hence the crowd are a lil cheap, not that i'm complaining.

The last time I was here in the park as in 2004 when the building was just at its infancy. Today in 2010, it is already in its decline. We were lucky that the theme park was still operational.

So altogether, it was about RM35 each for entry and you get discounts for ISIC and Jusco card!
To start things off, I took Babe to the gentlest ride in the park. Meant for kids, we joined in the car ride which made two round around a 30m track.
To get some adrenaline pumping, Bb made full use of the on board horn!

Next, we went into the Merry go round! Quite paiseh when we were asked to move to other horses since some are specially for children! Already you can see the dramatic difference in colour from the picture here and the one before.
The lighting was so nice that Bb decided to do some camwhoring! We were headed for the big one, but then we saw this cute lil ride around the place and so just hopped on.
Many rides on the park will try to make you puke, and we absolutely avoided that because we prefer to keep the contents of our lunch inside. On the ride, there was also time to do someWith the appetizer done, we headed for the main course. The main reason I brought Bb here was to let her experience this:10 storeys in the air, it is Malaysia's only fully indoor roller coaster! The fact that makes it even scarier is the people in charge of the park! The structure seems to be oscillating dangerously and could break off anytime soon with the type of people managing the place! What better thrill than to put your life on the line on an old roller coaster! Realising the fact, bb was quite afraid.
No matter, I dragged her into the scary thing. Keeping our stuff in the locker, we got on to the platform. I could see that Bb was excited and scared at the same time.

So we got into a car and the metal bars came down. It was seconds from putting our lives in the hands of maintenance people!

The lights turned green. The snaking coaster heads for a drop and here we go!!!

Babe was shouting her head off and it sounded something like:


But I had other plans:
Yeap, one of the funnest things to do is to get your picture taken on the roller coaster!

In fact, this was the second picture we took! The first one did not turn out that well and the second time round, because bb enjoyed the coaster that much, instead of screaming her head off, she was saying:

Oh no, what to pose , what to pose?? So we decided to come up with that pose!
Yay! So we finally conquered the Times Square coaster and it feels
Long exposure on one of the rides!
Final checks of pictures before we head off!
Hmmmm, now i know how Bb takes her pictures so nicely.
Feeling a lil snacky, we saw Krispy Kreams! Its finally here in Malaysia! Albeit the price, its nice spending on something new here!
Delicious, the regular coated, peanut butter and chocolate cake donut, literally.
This is the frontage of the shop on the ground floor.

Yesh, its delicious!
Lastly, I used a 75-300mm to try some portrait shots. The effect is the blurred background and the subject clear in the foreground. The only bad thing about using a Tele lens to do a portrait is the fact that you have to shoot from a mile away to achieve the above effect!
and cut!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Air Asia Sucks?

Scary no?

Sorry AirAsia,

Well, don't you just hate flying long haul with a low cost carrier? Well yes, but I soon discovered it was not the flight i am hating. Actually, my flight back to KL on AirAsia X was good value compared to the price. I got a seat, got a meal, got toilets, pilot, luggage and it had just okay looking air stewardesses. In fact, the flight itself was perfect!

But Here I am 50000 feet in the air at 4 am. Wide awake. I was sleeping so soundly until I was rudely awoken. Before I go any further, here's a disclaimer, we must all forgive and forget. It's the right thing to do.

The scene of night 50,000 feet in the air.

Anyway, I was rudely awoken. It was not the air stewardesses handing out food and beverages. It was not the newborn baby sitting just beside. In fact the little baby was sleeping like an angel, something quite rare on my other flights. It was also not the footsteps of people visiting the loo.

It was this!

Ah crap, the good thing about iPhone is it has an airplane mode. The lousy thing about it is that the camera don't work in the faintest of light. Ar! Turbulence! If you read this that means in still alive.

Well, for those of you who want to know, here is a recreating of the crime scene.

So there was this guy beside me in row 49. (Global warming is a bad time to fly, the pilot is dodging storms) anyhow, this guy was not just an ordinary guy, he was as big as a

! The AirAsia seats are 3.5 iPhones across. (did not have a ruler at the time) and this guy could barely fit into the seat!

Well, that wasn't my problem. I don't really care how huge you are. But when you sleep in planes the biggest manner or common courtesy you should have is not this!

So I had to tolerate this in my face throughout the wee hours. If it was a hot babe or even a hot guy I would not have care cause i could have done this

but when you have a cow leaning on your small self, it's daunting! Well, if that did not get the picture across, let me rephrase that, it's not nice having a an oversized sumo cow falling asleep and leaning on you. That's why stay in Japan. Don't laugh. This is not funny. I've survived to tell the tale.

Arrgh. Here I am. 6 more hours till I get back.

Now I can forgive and forget.

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