Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chapter 3 Oct 15 At the interview

Everything prepared, you look smart. Arriving at the scene of the interview, and it will usually be an office. Lets face it. Big offices scare the shit out of me. The huge lobbies and the wait, all pumps your adrenaline to the max.,,The best thing to do now is not to panic but chill!

1) Get your notepad out and have the words "Relax" written there. Make sure you have your notes to answer all the possible type of questions as will be outlined later!

Alright, suppose the nice lady at the desk tells you that its your turn for the interview. You walk down a corridor and there it is. A door. Who lies behind those doors, you will find out. Well, what I would recommend is if someone opens the door for you,

2) Greet the person at the door and wait for the interviewer to take you in. Avoid rushing past the person as a courtesy!

After a handshake or some warm greetings, you would most definitely be seated down. On most occassions, you will be seated on a desk with your legs hidden from the interviewer. More unlikely is the situation when you have an open position:

Amazing! I have just spent a good time interviewing the other person's crotch!

Instead of sitting like the above,

3) You should sit with your legs crossed and the small A5 notepad will be just nice to fit and use to keep your hands in check.

This kind of posture would allow you to keep your back straight and look professional.

Eye contact is also really important as the following picture will preach:

4) Try to maintain eye contact with the interviewer(s) throughout the interview. The most common reaction to people looking at you would be to look away. Imagine interviewing a person who keeps staring to the floor! Hello! The interview is up here!

The most important things about being prepared about an interview are examples examples examples. For the same reason you want to have ammunition in a war, you should be prepared to answer some questions about yourself. What kind of questions? Find out in the coming blog posts!

However, when answering questions, it is important have a structured way of presenting yourself. If you do not already have a plan, it would be good to follow the STAR principle,

Nope, not that kind of star. I too wish that interviewing for jobs can be aas easy as wishing on a star. This is the STAR:

S - Situation
T - Task
A - Action
R - Result

5When asked about anything in particular, you should first lay down the situation clearly to the interviewer. Explain the task that had to be performed by you and its complexity, then go on to summarise your actions on the matter. After that, it would be good to give the outcome ie did you win? What happened etc.

Tomorrow: What kind of questions you can expect in an interview!
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