Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pyramid Tower Hotel Suites @ Sunway

Today, we will be checking into Sunway Tower Suites! (Sigh, no Spa) Anyway, here is how your visit would go: Upon disembarking the bus you will be greeted by the funkiest lobbies:

Check out the room! Today Dylan will be my roomie! First thing he did was mess up this picture! Here is how the rooms look like before Dylan:

The first thing about the room I noticed was: no windows!!
All the facilities you need are already there including fully stocked bath, widescreen TV, hangers, a minibar and the likes.

However, the only thing I did not like about the place was the noise at night due to the air conditioning ducts! Photobucket

Perhaps my ears are over sentitive but it was really annoying to sleep with the background noise!
Other interesting things include the rooms are connected! So you can get a group of friends to join in! The other wierd thing I noticed was soft drinks dispensers in the hallway and ice dispensers... Wonder why? Ah well, time to get some dinner!

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