Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Interview

This is definitely one part of our lives we go through. As new graduates or even as experienced hires, what you find is that the interview is used as one of the most effective way to "look into a person's soul". The most important thing I learnt last week was interview skills! After all, the best way to learn about interviews is to ask the recruiters themselves! Hence, I got in touch with a senior recruiter for Royal Dutch Shell to help me on interviews! An independent consultant now, I shall not reveal the name of the person due to legal issues. Indeed, only a select few individuals get access to this kind of information I am going to share! Here is the jist of things!

Chapter 1 Oct 13 Put yourself in the recruiter's shoes

Chapter 2 Oct 14 things to prepare before the interview

Chapter 3 Oct 15 At the interview

Chapter 4 Oct 16 Introduction

Chapter 5 Oct 17 Teamworking skills

Chapter 6 Oct 18 Technical Skills

Chapter 7 Oct 19 Communication skills

Chapter 8 Oct 20 IT Questions

Chapter 9 Oct 21 Hobby Questions

Chapter 10 Oct 22 Ambition Questions

Chapter 11 Oct 23 Money Questions

Chapter 12 Oct 24 Fermi Questions

Chapter 13 Oct 25 Biggest Mistakes/Weakness/Regrets Questions

Chapter 14 Oct 26 Closing

Writing a killer CV - Only by demand


Anonymous said...

good one.

Kokd said...

This is just the beginning!
Stay tuned for more!

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