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Chapter 2 Oct 14 things to prepare before the interview

Getting There!
If you are an interviewer and you scheduled an interview with this person you want to give the job to. You have meetings before and after the 30 minute interview slot and the person does not show up after an hour. He/She then gives an excuse that the traffic was bad/did not know the place/ the world ended etc... would you still give that person a chance? Your call.

For the interviewee, be sure you know where and when is your interview going to take place! If you are going alone, make sure you arranged your transport/ account for traffic/ allow some time for delays etc! The last thing you would like to do in an interview is not being there on time!

For professional jobs, be sure to have the right dresscode; ties, suits, jackets, skirts etc. Finding out what people wear to work may help too! What I found out is that overdressing is easier than underdressing! Guys, trousers, pressed light coloured shirt, tie, clean shoes!

Check you breath and make sure no onions or garlic still remain the hour before. Good idea to take a shower, and neater the hair, accessories kept to a minimum depending on what job you take on. Typically, places like banks and multinational services companies advice keeping things like ear, lips, eyebrow piercings.

Hello! I'm here for the interview!

Things to prepare
Make sure you bring along a recent CV and a skills based assessment of yourself. Take a long a notepad, A5 works wonders and make sure you have a few pens with you! Need be, a name card works wonders. On the notepad, write it as noticable as possible: KEEP CALM!

Adrenaline management
Well, say you get to the place for the interview, before you enter the door, it is good to keep calm, have a light meal or listen to some music before you enter the interview. Naturally, you will get an adrenaline rush, which heightens your excitement! Rewind 10,000 years, adrenaline rush helps the early hunters to be more alert, suitable for making quick decisions, reflexes without thinking too much. YOu don't want that! You would want to be in the interview as clear headed as possible!

Okay, not that kind of clear headed!

Tomorrow, how to make the most of your interview with the secret tricks and hidden body languages!

Objective of the interview

Things to prepare

At the Interview

Introducing yourself

Teamwork Skills

Technical skills


IT Questions

Hobby Questions

Ambition Questions

Money Questions

Fermi Questions

Weakness Questions

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