Monday, October 25, 2010

Chapter 13 Oct 25 Biggest Mistakes/Weakness/Regrets Questions

You have reached almost the second last post! With the last post being the most important one!

Okay, when has some interviewer made your life difficult by asking you this:

What is your greatest weakness or regret you ever had?

So you pause... scratch your head and look to the ceiling trying to think of something. Naturally, the average person will not have an answer at hand. So you will go:

"My weakness is that I drink a lot/like to party a lot/smell/get distracted easily/fall for hot interviewers, i have herpes...etc"

And the interviewer thinks *whoa.. i really did not have to know that... next!*

Well, the first thing to know is:

1) Stop and think! What comes out of your mouth cannot be swallowed back in so safe yourself the embarassment plus the job and read on!

I know that most UK companies will ask you this kind of questions. Instead of taking the chance, why not do something about it and prepare? If there is one way to answer those kind of questions, it would be:

2) Turn your weakness into something that you cannot control and that it is something you absolutely cannot do anything about!

So, taking the same question, you can answer:

My biggest weakness is that I do not have enough time and resources to do all the things I want. Even if i manaage my time well, my insatiable thirst for knowledge keeps me so occupied that I cannot really do all the things I aspire to do. Right now I am occupied with *such and such commitments*. I am hoping that in time, I will be able to complete *say learning another language* take time to visit *this and that factory* or take course in *some course you like*!

Now wouldn't that sound more professional and respected! you be the judge!

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Stay tuned for the most important part of the interview: The last impression!

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