Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fong Lye - Sweet Potato Sux

To save you 6 bucks per visit, the sweet potato balls are disgusting as they are not actually potato balls, but more like flour airbags...

On the other hand, heard the soup was good... Time to dig in!

Friday, March 9, 2012

iPhone 4 & 4s with prepaid problem on Hotlink or Maxis (Solved)

Dear iPhone and Hotlink or Maxis user,

Sometimes we don't surf a lot but happen to use a smartphone without a data plan.. Suddenly it hangs!!

If you face the following symptoms:

1. Cannot call into your number
2. Cannot check balance
3. Cannot make calls
4. Cannot send or receive messages

You probably have no data on, and after you try downloading some apps the above sets in.


Go to

1. Settings> General >Network
2. Set cellular data to On
3. Wait until 3G/Edge/Gsm shows.
4. Turn off cellular data

Works for iPhone 4s on Hotlink without data plans.

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