Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Next Stop Mid 2012

BB, if you are reading this, then its time for you to plan where are the things to see... The last time I was here was in 1996! Click on the picture to explore! I think it will be in the summer though...

Warning: Historical Post! Keep Walking @ Johnny Walker Black Circuit Party Penang!

Whee! If you received one of these recently, then you found yourself invites to Johnny Walkers Black Circuit Party in Upper Penang Road! Sadly, wasn't me who got them! Bb somehow managed to get four invites to the partayy!

The black box came with a gold bangle individually numbered, which you use as a ticket to get in!

I wish I could take this along #3

I don't have to tell you why I would want to take this hairy guy along...(Yes hair, Shih Tzus have hair just like humans as compared to fur which is short and rough)

Anyway, Kiki is now 7+ years old and about 50 in doggie years. But with a working life, it seems that I will not be taking this critter out anytime soon...

PS: He was cuter when he was a puppy.

List of Singapore Venture Capital Companies

For anyone out there searching, this list is as of May 2012
3i Asia Limitedwww.3i.com
3V Sourceone Capital Pte Ltd3vs1.com/
Abacus Capital (Singapore) Pte Ltdwww.abacuscapital.com
Adams Street Partnerswww.adamsstreetpartners.com
Aegis Portfolio Managers Pte Ltdwww.aegispm.com/contact_aegis01.html
Aem Holdings Ltdwww.aem.com.sg/
Affinity Equity Partners (S) Pte Ltdwww.affinityequity.com
Agate Capital Management Pte Ltdagatecapital.com/
Akshayam Capital Pte Ltdakshayam.com.sg/
Alpha Investment Partners Ltdwww.alphaipartners.com/
Amkor Technology S’pore Philippines Holding Pte Ltdwww.amkor.com/go/contact-us/singapore
AR Capital Pte Ltdwww.arcapital.com.sg/contact.html
Arcapita Incwww.arcapita.com
Asiasons Capital Ltdwww.asiasons.com/
Atlantis Investment Managment (S) Pte Ltdwww.atlantis-investment.com/84263/singapore_
Axiom Asia Private Capitalwww.axiomasia.com
BioVeda Capital Pte Ltdwww.biovedavc.com/
Carlyle Groupwww.carlyle.com/
CVC Asia Pacific (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.www.cvc.com/
Denham Capital Asia Pacific Pte Ltdwww.denhamcapital.com/Offices/Default.aspx
Duxton Asset Management Pte Ltdwww.duxtonam.com/
Extream Ventures Pte Ltdwww.extreamventures.com
Frontline Strategy Pte Ltdwww.frontlinestrategy.com/
Giza Venture Capitalwww.gizavc.com
GGV Capitalwww.ggvc.com
iGlobe Treasury Management Ltdwww.iglobetreasury.com/
Hamilton Lane Advisors Incwww.hamiltonlane.com/
Henderson Asia Pacific Equity Partnerswww.henderson.com
JAFCO Investments (Asia Pacific) Ltdwww.jafcoasia.com
K1 Ventures Ltdwww.k1ventures.com.sg/home/home.asp
Lumiere Capital Ltdlumierecapital.com/
Nalanda Capital Pte Ltdwww.nalandacapital.com
NewSmith Capital Partners (Asia) Pte Ltdhttps://www.newsmith.com/
Next Century Capital Pte Ltdwww.nextpartners.com/
Novatera Capital Pte Ltdwww.novatera.com
Octagon Capital Management Pte Ltdwww.octagoncapital.com.sg/webpg/contact.asp
One North Capital Pte Ltdwww.onenorthcapital.com
OWW Capital Partners Pte Ltdwww.oww.com.sg/
Pegasus Capital Pte Ltdpegasuscap.com/contact.htm
Pinetree Capital Partners Pte Ltdpine3cap.com/ContactUs.html
RimAsia Capital Partnerswww.rimasiacapital.com/
Sage Capital Pte Ltdwww.sage-capital.biz/
SBI Ven Capital Pte Ltdwww.sbivencapital.com.sg/
SEAVI Adventseavi.com.sg/
Springboard-Harper Investment Pte Ltdwww.sbharper.com/
Sycamore Ventures
Timbre Capital Pte Ltdtimbrecapital.com.sg/
Vertex Venture Holdings Ltdwww.vertexmgt.com
Värde Partners Asia Pte Ltdwww.varde.com/
Walden Internationalwww.waldenintl.com

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