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Dark Secret Meaning of "La la la" by Naughty Boy

  Definitely one of the best songs of 2013! However, the music video is quite puzzling no? There is a dark story behind the music video. One that is associated with demons.
According to Ian Pons Jewell,the music video, which hints at The Wizard of Oz, is about an "aural" Bolivian legend dating to the early 20th century, which concerns a deaf boy who fled from his abusive home and found a stray dog that accompanied him since then.

After living on the streets for an undefined amount of time he discovers that he has special talent of perceiving people's troubles, which he can heal by screaming, which is said to be as loud as an earthquake and a tornado. One day, he finds an old man who is being stoned by villagers while being taunted and ridiculed. By screaming, the boy resolves the situation and revives the old man's heart (in the video, by buying him a new heart).

Together, they meet a disfigured man who was abused, considered a leper by society. The disfigured man reveals that he is a prophet who was cursed by a demon (El Tio) because he didn't worship him anymore, and abandoned the society where the demon resided. El Tio is considered as the lord of the underworld, to whom mortal people offer gifts in exchange for protection, or to ease his anger. The prophet said anybody who could hear the demon would fall under his control. He told them the demon could be found in desert, where there once was a town in which people worshipped the demon and he cursed them to kill themselves.

Together they go to the place where the demon should reside. They arrive at a mine where the demon is supposed to be, but everybody with their hearing intact could be cursed by the demon, thus the boy had to face the demon alone and out-voice him with his scream to stop him from cursing others. The video ends with an open end, considering that El Tio is the lord of the underworld who rules in the mines, which were of use for people for a prolonged period of time, whom miners sacrifice a llama from time to time to avoid from being cursed, the boy could be seen as a big sacrifice to redeem the miners from El Tio's undesirable influence. From Wikipedia

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gardens By The Bay and OCBC Skyway Virtual tour

It is free entry to the gardens however, there are charges for the OCBC skyway which costs five Singaporean Dollars per person, and the additional buggy rides will cost around two dollars per person.

Here is the view from the lake:

And the view from the OCBC skyway

Gardens By The Bay Flower Dome Virtual Tour

Okay, you're probably here because you were reading out the most Romantic Things to do in Singapore.

Well, here is a small 360 tour at a few spots around the Flower Dome.

This was near the desert ecosystem with cacti patches and desert shrubs.
This was the vantage point near the entrance, overviewing the entire dome.
Finally, here is the view near the exit.

Marina Bay Sands Level 57 Virtual Tour

As part of the things to do in Singapore, here is a virtual tour of the MBS floating deck!

Note that the Observation deck is open to the public but the swimming pools are reserved for guests only. The infinity pool stretches across the top of the deck and feels like an oasis in the air.

Swimming Pool during the daytime:

At night, this becomes such an experience. Imagine overlooking city lights sipping drinks on the water!

Swimming Pool at night:

Observation Deck:

360 Virtual Tour of Marina Bay Sands Deluxe Suite

One of the items that top my list of Most Romantic Things to Do in Singapore is checking in to the iconic Marina Bay Sands.

For BB and I, we checked into Tower 3 for our 10th Anniversary!

For those who are curious, here is a virtual tour of the Deluxe room!

Marina Bay Sands: Disappointed

For the price, their level of customer delight is simply on par. Also, their cleanliness was also not up to the expectations the have set.

1. Note the cracked cup that I got in my room.

2. The teabag string was also too short that it always fell in upon pouring water.

3. The glass on their shower was not clean, had a hint of lime scale.

4. For goodness sake, please temperature control the pool! A suggestion is to get a heat exchanger and recycle heat from air conditioning!

Sorry I have OCD and first world problems, but that is the reason why I would pay a more for something better than the competition. Customers don't pay a premium for just good. They are most likely expecting the immaculate for their special day.

Of all the hotels I have checked in, I had the highest expectations for this one, but I was sadly disappointed. There were hundreds of other hotels on the island but I chose this for my 10th Anniversary hoping that they would take the initiative to delight a customer.

Well, do not keep your hopes up. It was the best time to test what world class meant. Answer: Not much.

5. I wrote to their customer service and asked them if they had anything special to offer for my 10th Anniversary. All I got was a price list. No more initiative after that. Zero.

Let me share with you a business that took customer delight seriously that Marina Bay Sands can pay heed to. Here is a business that went the extra mile.

Check out Sky Dining on Mount Faber!

Sky Dining at Mount Faber Sentosa Cable Car

This is the best surprise of our 10th Anniversary!

Thanks Patricia from the Jewel Box for going the extra mile!

Out of the Harbourfront MRT, we cut though a mall and VivoCity, into the offices where ExxonMobil Singapore was situated.

"Why so dodgy one?" Yes it did look very dodgy the small dark paths that led to our next stop.

We arrived at a counter and it read - Sentosa Cable Car. We were going to dinner in a cable car. More precisely, we were going to have fine dining in a cable car!

This was a dining experience like no other and its boasted as the only one of the world! We took the elevator 12 stories up into the office towers and made our way to the Jewel Box at Mount Faber.

We were served with a welcome drink as we waited for the next cable car restaurant to pass by.

In a matter of minutes, the 3 course meal was placed into the cable car (no idea how the hell they pull that off but two thumbs up) and we were cozily seated.

Only the two of us, with a fine dining meal, in a cable car, hanging some 15 stories in the air. The dinner consists of 3 round trips, from Mount Faber to Vivocity to Sentosa, each round lasting 30 minutes. They would start with appetizer and after 30 minutes your car would come back to Mount Faber for the main, and another round for dessert.

What I would applaud is the way the delight their customers. I know my BB is most happy when the experience can bring her to tears.We had our dessert at the Jewel Box Restaurant forgoing another 30 minutes on the cable car. Remember to come early around 6.30pm otherwise there are limited rounds till 8.30pm.

Also, here's how the place looks in a virtual tour:
During my booking, I noted that it was my 10th Anniversary, and I did not expect anything else. However, when we got to our dessert, this was what we got! We go a personalized dessert from the kitchen! It did not really cost them a thing but it really made a huge difference that night!

Thanks Jewel Box Sky Dining!

Happy anniversary BB!

How Jetstar saved my 10th Anniversary

Well, it happened on the 26th of Jan 2014 at the end of our journey when we were returning from Singapore to KL in the afternoon.

After a search for Chilli Crab and shopping on Orchard road, getting back to the airport took longer than expected. After some Olympic sprinting and Amazing race across Singapore, we reached the check-in counters on the dot, exhausted and tired.

The Jetstar check-in staff was kind enough to ensure that we did not miss our flight, and processed our documents immediately.

That could have been a disaster for our 10th Anniversary was averted as we boarded the plane with no time left to spare!

We had a few more minutes to spare and some time for the loo, sufficient for me to grab a quick shot of the place. Here's a virtual tour of Singapore Airport's Terminal 1! My sincere thanks to the ground staff of Jetstar Singapore for saving my 10th Anniversary!

Most Romantic Things to do in Singapore

This is a continuation of Happy 10th Anniversary!

So, after we laughed our assess off from the silliest way to spoil a 10th Anniversary Surprise, the trip had just begun. Packing our bags just the night before, we were off to Singapore on a Friday morning till Sunday evening. If you are anywhere in South East Asia, or even in Singapore, why not try a few of these someday?

11am Taking a plane ride

What is more romantic than flying 50,000 feet in the sky on your anniversary day! Even for 45 minutes.

So far, the most value for money airlines I could find was Jetstar, which gave cheaper rates than Fireflyz, Airasia, MAS and Tiger Airways if you are flying from Malaysia.

Second time flying with Jetstar and I have to say a big thank you to the Jetstar team!

This was how Jetstar saved my 10th Anniversary.

2pm Gardens By The Bay

Here is a virtual tour of the Flower Dome if you want to explore but don't wanna get on a plane to go all the way to Singapore.

A walk in the garden at mid-day? Are you nuts? This is the equator with 35 celcius and direct sunlight! How romantic is that? Well, when you are at Gardens By The Bay, weather doesn't matter. Stop by Bayfront MRT station for this attraction.

The two uneven bra-like like buildings are actually artistically crafted greenhouses, which are air conditioned to a cosy 24 degrees Celsius. Lucky for us, the clouds were also plentiful and the weather was actually just right for a walk in the park.

If you are short of time and have an hour or so to spare, pick the Flower Dome. It is the same price as the Rainforest but its much bigger and holds more things to see. For an anniversary trip, it also made sense to see the beautiful flowers. People take their wedding photos here due to the landscape and the ambience.

The actual Gardens by the Bay itself is a large maze of nature and lakes with the most purple cow piece of art, the floating OCBC Skyway trees and bridges which takes you up to canopy level to give you a 180 degree view of the Marina Bay area. This is literary the hanging gardens as gardeners use platforms to water plants stacked vertically into the sky.
Here's a free tour for you to explore!

At night, the trees light up in a spectacular sea of lights, illuminating the bridges and the domes and is a pretty sight from atop the Marina Bay Sands.

4pm. Check-in at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

We left our luggages at the reception here earlier which was close to the Bayfront MRT station. Expect top notch service at this hotel, where the bell boys use WhatsApp to manage traffic, and German (I think) violinists entertain diners all day. The iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel makes an "M" seen from afar and lies isolated from the city's tall buildings. Plus it has that one of a kind floating deck on its 57th floor.

We checked in a Duluxe Suite overviewing the Gardens by the Bay. The first thing I noticed was that the curtains open automatically when you open the doors. Frigging kewl! Like Hilton in London, the bar automatically records what ever stuff taken out. Also, there was a private balcony giving you a full view of the gardens.

But here's a complaint to MBS for not meeting my expectations.

6.30pm. Sunset and Dinner, In the Sky

"We are going to be late" I looked at BB putting on make up and curling her hair. I didn't want to rush her on our 10th Anniversary but it was going to be a once in a lifetime experience that we were going to be late for.

"Where are we going now?" BB hastily got ready. "It's your next surprise!". We waded though the MRT and as usual, rushed to our next destination.

Out of the Harbourfront MRT, we cut though a mall and VivoCity, into the offices where ExxonMobil Singapore was situated.

"Why so dodgy one?" Yes it did look very dodgy the small dark paths that led to our next stop.

This led to the biggest surprise of the night! Definitely a must try experience.

9pm. Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands

After dinner, the great time doesn't end there! We have the Singapore skyline to see! What better way to do this than 57 stories in the air atop the Marina Bay Sand's Infinity Pool. The view was breathtaking of sparkling city lights. Its like an oasis in the sky.

Atop the deck, there were 3 adult pools connected, there were bars, restaurants, a club, baby pools and the jacuzzis. Remarkably, more than half the people there were Koreans and Japanese girls! How can you tell. Revealing bikini - Koreans. Swimsuit - Japanese. The other half of the people there are the western men trying to get lucky with these oriental girls. Lol. I exaggerate.

You can see the virtual tour here!

Now it was time to get into the water! The winds were exceeding highway speeds there and naturally, the water was chilly. After a few minutes of warming up, the view from the pool was simply breathtaking! Where else can you enjoy city lights at the edge of the pool chillaxing in the water?

Happy 10th Anniversary BB! Love you lots!

Hope our 10th Anniversary was the most memorable one yet!

Happy 10th Anniversary Surprise!

You don't really need a reason to surprise someone but if you want to surprise your girlfriend/wife/ex-wife/lover/spouse and you are around South East Asia, I'll recap what we did for

The Most Romantic 10th Anniversary in Singapore!


"BB, where are we going?" BB asked.

"It's a surprise. Not telling you until our anniversary!" I replied.

 It has been 12 years since we first met and January 24th 2014 marked our 10th anniversary together. Thank you BB for your love after all these years.

Such a special occasion deserves a celebration. As you would have guessed, cakes, flowers, cards, photos, videos, countdowns etc has all be checked off my list the past 10 years...

 Now what? In our hectic working schedules, we needed somewhere to getaway for a few days that is not too far and a place which would be really memorable. Well, after some research, I decided to give BB a well deserved surprise!

"What should I pack for our surprise? Is it Thailand? Philippines? Australia?" BB kept asking but I wasn't spilling.

Planning bit by bit, 3 months ahead, the plan was flawless. I did all my homework, made all the bookings. Unlike earlier surprises, I kept a close lid on where we were going. BB keeps finding out my surprise one way or another, but this time, I won't let that happen.

 Five days before the surprise, a bag of chocolates unopened was lying on my table.

"Where are we going?" BB asked again.

I smiled and told her "Few more days I'll let you know".

Then, with my OCD, I began tidying the room, and arranging stuff. BB continued surfing the net. Looking at the chocolates and knowing I could not finish it, I muttered,

"Should we pack the chocolates in the bag and eat them in SINGAPORE?"

 I was expressionless, but BB's expression changed... She started laughing her head off. I was still clueless... until I realised I just told her where we are going! We spent the next few hours laughing about it... and we never did finish the chocolates.

What a funny way to start a Happy 10th Anniversary!

But the surprises just got started, and BB even cried tears of joy.

Here is the long recap what we did for

The Most Romantic 10th Anniversary in Singapore!


Monday, February 10, 2014

Mindvalley Hall of Awesomeness

Hello! Just wanted to give you an inside view on what the Hall of Awesomeness looks like from the inside!

Try the virtual tour below!

Malaysia's New National Sport

OMG its 1am and I am the undisputed champion of Malaysia's new national sport. No Olympic medal for this.

The Best Investment Money Can Buy In 2014

Its 3am. You are fast asleep. You hear a buzzing sound from left to right. It stops. Then you suddenly feel a sting on your body. You wake up and turn on the lights. To you horror, mosquitoes are queuing up on your bedside, some already fat lil balloons of your blood. You can't take it anymore... -.-

Tadaa!! Seriously the best investment for the year. The last thing you want to do is get down with dengue.
At RM170, its a lil steep but definitely worth it in this weather and mosquito invasion.

Quite straight forward, its a fan with a UV light on top. You can get it from Ace Hardware in Malaysia. Personally I prefer the ones with high voltage electricity, which make as snap when a mosquito touches the electrified metal.

None of that here though. Its a rotating fan and mosquitoes just get sucked into a funnel below. They don't die instantly though.

It takes a a day or two for them to dehydrate and shrivel up.

The best time to use this contraption is at night when its dark. Note that mosquitos are most active at dawn and at dusk. Contrary to popular belief, here are some tips on how to use them and get the best results. 

Here is how I got a hundred mosquitoes in a week.

1. Go to the gym or do some exercise that makes you sweat loads.
2. Set the machine in the middle of a room, at 1m above the ground for better results.
3. Take your sweaty shirt, put it next to the machine - spray some water for more effect.
4. Plug everything in and turn on the machine.
5. Turn off the lights. Works better in complete darkness.
6. Sleep carefree for the night
7. Wake to mosquitoes in the trap!

Happy Sleeping! Feel free to leave a comment!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gunung Datuk

Gunung Datuk is located in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan and is a two hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. Due to its remoteness, the markedly less people compared to the more popular Broga Hill. The drive itself will take you to a very small road ( that does not even look like a road at all ) deep towards the foot of the mountain. The GPS coordinates are : 2.543015,102.168705.

Despite its remoteness, there were quite a few people there. Do be prepared for the seasonal bus loads of students from around the area. These batches of students may create a bottle neck at the summit where only one ladder make up the entry and exit of the summit. The entire journey up will take 2-3 hours depending on your speed. At the summit, you might want to hang around for an hour or two and the journey back is another 2-3 hours.

We ascended at 9am. The climb is a two hour journey starting with a very steep decent for about 1 hour. It gets gradually easier or the next hour while the last 30 minutes is steep again. Reaching up the summit, a couple of huge boulders will greet you and a few tiny ladders will allow visitors to trickle up and down the rocks. As you will be reaching mid day, you might consider bringing some sun protection - the sun is really hot up there. Bring 1 litre of water per person as it does get really dehydrating in the sun. Luckily we brought umbrellas to the top which proved useful. A picnic there would be great as well and the view is just breathtaking 

Try the virtual tour below!

 Getting down is a challenge and will strain your knees. A knee guard or strap can help cushion the impact. On the way down, we got a little lost but managed to find our way back down in the end. The best thing down there was a small shop selling ice cold drinks in the hot weather. Special thanks to BB, Wai Kit, Sook Wan, Xing Xian, Melissa and two more companions who made the journey up!

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