Saturday, June 26, 2010

Even more new stuff with iPhone 3Gs firmware 4.0

This is the "New" camera feature one the iPhone 3Gs, firmware 4.0. The camera now has a built in digital zoom feature, allowing you to take pictures at quite the distance.
Provided you have enough light and a steady hand. What the 3Gs still lacks is a flash, so its not useful in the dark at all! And no, it does not work for the video!

To activate feature, go to the camera and tap on the camera screen. The little bar will appear and you can touch the plus or minus sign to zoom in and zoom out respectively. Neat.
Next is this peculiar little bar at the bottom. This bar can appear at any menu or application.
If you slide over the bar, it changes to show everything in your menu.
To activate, double depress the home button and this bar will appear. To exit, simply slide downwards to close the bar.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iPhone 3Gs Firmware 4.0

Sick of this view on your 3Gs? Jailbroken but lost your warranty? No more worries!

Wohooo. Firmware 4.0 is a visual leap. Otherwise its just another Apple hot air. But so what? Its cool.

Here are the new feature on the iPhone firmware 4.0:

The most interesting one is the wall paper feature. I guess Apple got so annoyed at people jailbreaking just because of the hideous black background.

Now, you can select your wall paper from your library!
Here is how the wall paper looks like on screen.
Notices that the bottom bar resembles more of Macs than the original layout. Wonder when will they put the same feature of the Mac's bottom bar into the iPhone.
Next, there are sub groups. For example, the calculator, clock, compass and voice memos are grouped under utilities. Further more, one can group objects into groups.

To do this, just hold on the screen and drag one icon onto another. A new group will appear and you can drag icons into the group. To rename just hold on to any icon, touch the group and you will be able to enter your own group name.
Kinda pointless, but i guess it saves some space from pages and pages of apps.

So what other things are new with firmware 4.0?

Apart from the features posted earlier, the response for the main screen is faster than before. Also, many of the icons and transitions were animated when you transition from one screen to the next.

Another prominent feature is the addition of iTunes into the main menu. This way, you can buy the entire iTunes directory rather than just applications like before!
One thing removed in firmware4.0 is the Wi-Fi Short-cut in the main menu! Noo!! Firmware 3.x had easy access to Wi-fi and an extra one in the setting page. Now, Wi-fi is only on the settings page. =(

Overall, the most prominent feature is the wall paper. It has been long overdue. The next important one is making the iPhone 3Gs tad much faster than before. Wi-fi connects even faster and the time it takes to change from one screen to another is now 0.5 seconds from 0.8 seconds...

Other Features Apple should consider:
Mass delete of photos
Using your iPhone as a USB sick without exposing the root directory and safety

Unlocking iPhone 3Gs

Wonder why I was so dumb before this. It was kinda easy unlocking your iPhone 3Gs!

First off, this applies only to Optus Australia, but it should be a process similar to other countries as well.

Anyway, all you have to do is call Optus, or your service provider and tell them that you want to unlock your phone. Wonder why don't they just give if to you unlocked??

Call them at 133 343

Anyway, there will be minutes of long silences, some routing through to India (they make so that you speak to a recording, but in actual fact, your call went to India!) In the end, it is even easier than before.

Just give them some verification and they will check your payment patterns. After that its just a matter of restoring your iPhone using iTunes and viola! Unlocked!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


12 more days!

Then its goodbye Melbourne! Gonna be missing a lil bit of Melbourne, but i guess
I miss Babe more.

Well, there are certainly things to do these few days, lots of things to clean up, lots of accounts to close and lots of planning for the next few months!

Yet, some days I just wish babe was just beside me, cause i miss her a lot.

Top 5 things that you did not know about Babe:
1) She likes blue!
2) She is afraid of the sea
3) Her lips were made to seduce
4) She sleeps with a BoBo
5) She has super duper memory, for a goldfish.


Hold on dear! coming home!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Exam Stress!

Ahhh! 2 exams back to back!

Management is such a lousy subject to study.

Time to hibernate until the plunge is over!

Am I destined to be a technical nerd? So hate accounting. Feel like my eyes gonna pop off staring at the screen and at papers.

22 more days to fly home! =)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunset in my window

It is not everyday you can see such a spectacular sunset in winter. Kind of makes me feel sad that i will have to bid farewell to Melbourne in 25 days time.

Yet, I means 25 more days till I see my babe again!

Just had exams yesterday. One down. Two to go!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Operation© Big Surprise Clue #34/34 LAST CLUE!!!

My Final Clue to Babe!

This album was taken in my room! We were vaining all the way through 6th Anniversary Eve Day! One really important thing I learnt at my internship was how to fold paper roses!Guess who I gave half a dozen to?

Just want to say thank you to the sweetest girl in the world. Thank you dear for all the times. Let's make more memories in the coming holidays!

Ah, that is the end of Operation Big Surprise. Mission Accomplished!

Take a look at the Big Surprise!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Operation© Big Surprise Clue #33/34 One Clue Left!

One clue left!

I hate long distance relationships. Especially when what you say and hear can get its meaning and distorted over such distances.

Anyway, my misinterpretation made me feel so demotivated over the past few days but after sorting things out with Babe, I'm feeling much better than the weather in Victoria right now.

Clue #33. You can see the picture montage image at the bottom left!

Missing my Babe!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Operation© Big Surprise Clue #32/34 Two Clues Left!

Dear reader,

You know its winter when you become so demotivated and lazy. This morning I woke up and I could not even look out my window cause it was all foggy! Even my alarm clock is having trouble getting me up in the morning. Cold is air and it gives you that feeling of hibernating in bed.

Anyhow, clue 32 was taken at the water front, right at the Merlion in Singapore. I still can remember how me and Babe rushed like mad dogs to the harbour front just to be able to catch the last train back to the hotel.

It was sort of an amazing race feeling because we did not really know the exact directions and babe was doubting my every move. Yet, its kinda difficult not to find the place, after all, my name in Norse, means navigator.

2 more clues left!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Operation© Big Surprise Clue #31/34 Three Clues Left!

Exam stress!

It is time to say that examination period has started! Upon opening my past paper last night, it was as if i saw a ghost!

Murder by Particle Mechanics and Processing

Any how, to take some time off, clue #31 was Babe and me vaining at Ampang Lookout point. The moon was full and the air was breezy.

Honestly, the way up to the top looked like a scene from initial D. I can imagine myself with the tofu and the cup and drifting down.

I remember that there was one part where we were driving through the housing estate and we hit something! One of us must have shouted!

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