Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm leaving on a jet plane..

It seems that my summer break back at home has come to an end. Four blissful weeks have went by in a blink of an eye. Such an eventful four weeks it has been marked with so many events, joyful and tragic, spent with family and friends. Especially so was my idol, the King of Pop who is irritatingly, more famous after kicking the bucket.

Even though this was one of the shortest summer holidays I had in a long time, it turned out to be one of the most happening. More importantly, I spent a great deal of my time with my babe who I will be missing in this four months time. Be it going on an adventurous holiday, shopping or just staring and talking to each other, everyone can agree that it feels good to be loved and love. Times have definitely changed but somethings in our hearts will remain. Makes me wonder why do so many people love so little.

One thing I relearnt, in a short life span of a human being, life is uncertain, but death is. Some people know when they are going to expire but some don't. In light of this, we should spend everyday doing something fruitful, taking our given day as a bonus. Now is a gift, that is why its called the present. Instead of mulling over something we don't have now or complaining why we have so little, we can make the best of our everyday like there is no tomorrow and invest in ourselves the time and the knowledge the world has to offer.

Safe to say, even as I am gearing up to trek on a new foreign soil, I am glad that I don't have to spend a third year in the confines of IC Chem Eng Department for another year. Variety is the spice of life, so going down under won't be such a bad thing, and with a GMT of +10.00, me and my babe's time zone won't be so far apart!
Indeed, the main reason why I chose to go to Melbourne is so I could be closer to my dearest.

Many people ask me why didn't I chose the US, and they are probably thinking of the lower standards at Aussie. Well, 14.7 million unemployed in the US is not too bad given the current economic situation.
But what the heck, doesn't really matter where you are, only thing that matters is how you got there and no naysayers are gonna stop me from making the most out of my life and my time!

Many people say life is fair, that all your suffering and anguish now will be reimbursed in the future. So, just take a make a little more effort and pull through this uni life. In fact, enjoy it while you still can, because whats to come in a working life is boredom.

PS: To my lovely, understanding and exceedingly cute babe, I hope you had a good holiday too babe! I know I'll miss the moments. I'll be home soon!

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