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Chapter 10 Oct 22 Ambition Questions

1. Having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed.

Well, being ambitious is not all a bad thing. Which companies would not like their new hires to have the strong desire to succeed? Ambitious people often achieve more because they, as described, do have the desire to succeed. So how will you tackle it if your interviewer asks you:
Are you ambitious?

Pause. Before you answer that, ask yourself. What does the interviewer want to know and how can you make the most of this question. Depending on what kind of companies you are interviewing for, you may need some different approach to the question.

In practice, North American companies and increasingly European companies are more value individual development and ambitions.
Therefore, if you go into these types of companies,

1) Demonstrate using a a few examples that you can be competitive and you do indeed desire to succeed. It may be in sports or competitions, or you may have won some awards. Why not showcase your need to win through your excellent results?

For example, you could have the desire to win a competition and after working hard, you finally won it etc.

However, if you enter a more eastern company, like a Japanese or Chinese company, the focus usually hangs to the organisation. Albeit the changing trends, you will still find that eastern companies are more collective. A suggestion is to

2) Show how your ambition provided a positive out come for the team! Say that you set a few goals in your team and you all shared a vision to win. Talk about how your group shared the passion to be the winners and worked really hard to in the end achieve together.

The last logical part of this would be to find out where would you fit in? Would you be better placed into this group of over achievers or would you be better suited to be in some place with more individual feeling.

The only way to answer the last question is to actually find out yourself through experience. Once you know what kind of place/ what kind of salary you want, the you would be in a good position to answer your ambition questions.

Speaking of money, hold on! Next Chapter... answering : So what do you think about money?

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