Saturday, October 16, 2010

More on Giffgaff

Here are more tips to use Giffgaff!

1. How to transfer you number to Giffgaff

You can actually transfer your phone number to Giffgaff! Just open an account and under the tab > My giffgaff > Handy Links > Transfer your number

you will find instructions how to keep your existing number!

2. Coverage

Giffgaff runs on the O2 network such that you get reception wherever O2 operates and so far, O2 operates everywhere in the UK!

3. How the minutes are counted

The minutes are counted in terms of seconds! If you use your call for 39 seconds, you only use 39 seconds and no rounding occurs!!! Hence when they say X minutes you literarily get X minutes!

4. Providing referrals

When providing referrals, provide your login ID!

Hope that helps!


Jasryn said...

Ooo that sucks then =( O2 reception in Oxford is horrible on account of old buildings and stuff.

Kokd said...

I am guessing every service provider's coverage does not extend underground or past thick walls. However in places like Portugal or Spain, coverage underground is fantastic!

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