Monday, June 17, 2013

List of Malaysian Venture Capital companies

Here's a list of Malaysian venture capital companies. They are looking for business plans and intend to fund entrepreneurs. If you fancy starting up your company, why not send your business plans to them!

Investor Send Business Plan to
AmPrivate Equity Sdn Bhd
Arris Venture Sdn Bhd
Banyan Venture One Sdn Bhd
BIMB Musyarakah Satu Sdn Bhd *
Bumiputera and Technology Venture Capital Sdn Bhd
Cache Ventures 1 (M) Sdn Bhd
CIMB Mezzanine 1 Sdn Bhd
CIMB Private Equity 1 Sdn Bhd
CMY Incubator Sdn Bhd
 Commerce Technology Ventures Sdn Bhd
 Continuum Capital Sdn Bhd
 COPE Opportunities 2 Sdn Bhd
 DTA Growth Capital Sdn Bhd
 Ekuiti Teroka (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd *
 Ethos Capital One Sdn Bhd
 Expedient Equity Ventures Sdn Bhd
 General & Global Equities Sdn Bhd *
 HCP One Sd Bhd
 HDM Private Equity Sdn Bhd
 Inertia AIF Sdn Bhd
 Inflexion PEF Sdn Bhd
 Ingenious Growth Fund Berhad
 iSpring Capital Sdn Bhd
 Istismar Capital Sdn Bhd
 Japan Asia Investment Co Ltd
 Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund Ltd
 Malaysian Life Science Capital Fund II, LP
 Malaysian Technology Venture Two Sdn Bhd
 Mavcap Biotech Sdn Bhd
 Mavcap ICT Sdn Bhd
 Mavcap Photonics Sdn Bhd
 Mavcap Technology Sdn Bhd
 Mayban Agro Fund Sdn Bhd
 Mayban Venture Capital Company Sdn Bhd
 Mezzanine Capital (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
 MGF Series 1 Sdn Bhd
 Mindhub Pegasus Sdn Bhd
 Momentum STI Sdn Bhd
 Musharaka Tech Venture Sdn Bhd

List of US venture capital firms

In case you have a good idea and want to pitch your ideas, here are some venture cap firms.

Investor Website
Highland Capital Partners
Globespan Capital Partners
VantagePoint Venture Partners
Rho Capital Ventures
Mayfield Fun
Tallwood Venture Capital
US Venture Partners
UMC Capital
Mission Ventures
BEV Capital
MentorTech Ventures
Bessemer Venure Partners
New Enterprise Associates
Michael Dearing  
Northgate Capital
New Enterprise Associates
Bessemer Venure Partners
Lightspeed Venture Partners
Northwest Venture Partners
Shamrock Holdings  
Pequot Capital  
Compass Technology Partners
Elon Musk
JP Morgan
VantagePoint Venture Partners

Sunday, June 16, 2013

This will save your life

Well, for those who live around KL, you would know that the streets and roads are full of ***holes. Just want to share an experience that might just save your life.

Anyway, BB parked her car at Kelana Jaya one morning and there was nothing special about the day. Until we returned together later that evening. 

Lo and behold, a flat tyre. The weird thing was, another car had a flat tyre as well and the couple was in the midst of changing the tyre. Unknowingly, I drove off, only to stop at a petrol station.

At the station, I got some help to pump the flat tyre up and when I capped the valve, air started gushing out. Something weird was going on. Here is what the SOB did:
Inside the cap was a small stone (Much smaller than this demo one). Placing the stone inside the cap raises the end a little bit. When you screw on the cap to the valve, the stone presses on the valve and air starts coming out. Here is the stone dislodged from the cap.
Small trick, big danger. So do beware of this. Who knew what would happen to us if. These people might be watching and probably will take advantage. Worse if you are a girl alone.

To my friends reading this, beware of this and hope this does not happen to you.
To the person who did this to my car. ..|.. and hope you get knocked down by a car.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to Get 112GB of Free Cloud Storage Globally: Top 15 Free Cloud Storage

Hello! Doing some research and found out how much each person can get out of free cloud storage!

50GB Adrive
18GB Dropbox
15GB Google Drive
7GB Microsoft SkyDrive
7GB MiMedia
5GB iCloud
5GB Jungle Disk
5GB SugarSync
5GB Box
5GB Amazon Cloud Drive
5GB Open Drive
5GB iDrive
2GB Elephant Drive
2GB My Other Drive
1GB Backupify

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