Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chapter 11 Oct 23 Money Questions

Next up, what do you do at an interview when you are asked about money? To a person, it would be tempting to actually know how much you will be paid no? How about I love money eh??

Well, here is where most people fall flat! The first thing to do when you are asked about money in an interview is:

1) Do not negotiate a salary or ask about the starting pay etc! Even if it is tempting, do not make the mistake about asking for a raise before you get a job! Remember, your goal at the interview is to get the job, not to discuss your salary

So what should you do when you are faced with money questions?? Well, the key word to answering money questions without embarassing yourself would be "fair"

2) When asked about money, you should state that you will want to be compensated fairly according to your ability and achievements. This would most likely be the market rate for people in your same position, experience and qualifications or the local market rate!

This will give you room to go left and right without putting yourself into a corner, and show that you are willing to be responsible for your work and effort you put in!

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