Friday, October 1, 2010

Tips for a good sunrise shot!


Make sure you know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west! A compass would help! If not use the pointer to Mecca in the hotel to help you! Scenery or monuments help too!


Not really important because you will be shooting the sun which emits loads of light anyway, but important if you want to do timelapses!


A ND filter would help to improve contrast as the sun tends to push your camera to its limits


Lowest ISO (50-100) to get the best quality with that amount of light

5.Lens Flare

Add a cool flare to your shots by shooting directly into the sunlight! Caution: Doing it too often may fry your camera's sensors! Looking into the sun too often may fry your eyes too!

6.Constrast, saturation and colours
Sun rise and sunset are one of the most colourful events that take place every day. Boost your saturation by turning your camera to landscape mode.


This means setting your alarm and getting up early to catch daybreak or waiting with your camera at the point where the sun dips into the horizon.

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