Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Best excuse to scope girls?

Dear readers,

clconquers recently joined a contest, could you kindly vote for her?

Also, its a good excuse to go scope sexy ... eyes!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Catching Lightning Recipe!

Oh yeah, on of my other favourite hobby is to catch lightning and now, I will just share a lil bit on how to get a shot like this!

It's not too difficult at all if you follow these steps for an entry range DSLR:

1. Prepare a tripod for stability or any other place to steady your camera.
2. Set your ISO to the lowest possible... mine was ISO 100.
3. Prepare enough space for many shots and adjust quality to compensate. I caught 3 flashes in about 200 shots without using a trigger.
3. For dark nights, set shutter speed to anywhere from 2-30 seconds but for those rainy afternoons, set aperture as small as possible or the f number as large as possible. Mine was at f/22
4. Set your camera to continous drive mode... mine could do bursts of 10 shots. For extra catches, get yourself a wireless trigger which guarantees you  a much better chance of success.
5. Find a thunder storm brewing and find a good shelter... high buildings are great but the above was taken from the first floor.
6. Start shooting until you get a few!

Have fun and don't get shocked!

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