Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sun and Surf!

Here is what bloggers do: Wake up, eat, blog, sleep. Eating bloggers particularly like, second only to blogging! Anyway, after our excapades in Sunway Pyramid, the MSS Top 30 bloggers were treated to a buffet dinner at the Sun and Surf! Located on the ground floor of the Pyramid Hotel and Spa, the public is actually allowed in!

The lights were dimly lit... giving you that romantic feeling... plus it saves electricity. As you enter the restaurant, you will be awed by the amount of food there! Dang... writing this post is already making my mouth water. Oh no... worse, here come the pictures!!

A display of assorted cakes and pastries!

A selection of different flavored Mooncakes just in season! If you did not know, moon cakes are made for the Chinese Mid Autumn festival and is a festive goodie!

Roasted Lamb with biryani rice! Tips to bloggers: This picture was hosted in Picasa. I think photobucket does a better job!

Salad bar, including all the dressing you will ever need.

Fruits including dragon fruit, honey dew, pineapples, water melon and papaya!

Okay, after getting my first portion, I noticed that many people do not know how to get the best out of a buffet! First let me point to you that the average human stomach can hold about 4.5 litres while an asian one will hold about 4 litres. Women have even smaller "reserve space" which might be really sexy but not good for buffets! So let me take you on a tip on how to get the most of your buffet line! Find the tips all inserted among the pictures!

Kebab sliced and prepared by an expert chef:

For a healthy meal, get some vegetables and fruits 30 minutes before your main! Uncooked vegetables and fruits actually help you develop your immune system if you actually eat it first rather than last. This is because by the time all the fruits go through the 8 hours in your gut, all the nutrients and proteins would have been oxisied!

Wide varieties of oven baked bread:

Baskets for 5 choices of keropok!

Ease up on the carbs. Carbohydrates like rice, bread and noodles are the ones which will fill you up quickly! Take small portions of this not only to ensure that you don't have excess energy lying around,  but also to allow you to get more out of the buffet!

Sharksfin soup and mushroom soup ready to go!

Get as many kinds of meats as possible! Okay, here is some biology, you immune system and body is built out of 20 different amino acids or "building blocks" if you want to call it! The building blocks become the foundation of your immune system which keep you free from infection and heal your body quickly! For those who do not do biology, a healthy diet allows your body to build defence against cancers!

Seafood including prawns, oyster, and fish!

But not all the 20 building blocks are available in every type of food. Some are found in fish, others in lamb, chicken, duck and different animals that store these building blocks! Get some of those and be promised a healthly life!

Sushi and sashimi!

Next tip, ease off the water. To get more value out of your buffet, drink less water to allow more space! Beer, juice and cocktails are fine!

Besides the well decorated interior and the presentation, the restaurant features and outdoor grill where you can enjoy your meal in the tropical night! Stuff from the grill, lamb, prawns satay, and all sorts of mean including seafood!

Traditional kuih-muih!

Next to get more value out of the buffet, be adventurous, try new food that you do not usually find on the street or at home!

Strawberries that you would not find on the shelves,

Finally dessert was a finely crafted fruit float in a cup!

Also, take your time in a buffet. Eat slowly as the time may allow so that you can digest as you go along!

Finally, enjoy yourself! After all, you have all your friends around! After dinner, the top 30 bloggers decided to play those annoying table games! The highlights which are too lame to explain include the "Telepathy Link", "How many sheep?" and the most annoying one which i just got was the "Black Magic" lame trick. Next time I'll get them back!
The only thing lacking in this place for me was the fact that we only had ice water to drink. Boo... Perhaps the people organising the buffet would be so kind to provide drinks as well. After all, who would want to wash down a good buffet with plain iced water?

Anyway, this post just made me hungry for some dinner! End of day 4!

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