Saturday, June 26, 2010

Even more new stuff with iPhone 3Gs firmware 4.0

This is the "New" camera feature one the iPhone 3Gs, firmware 4.0. The camera now has a built in digital zoom feature, allowing you to take pictures at quite the distance.
Provided you have enough light and a steady hand. What the 3Gs still lacks is a flash, so its not useful in the dark at all! And no, it does not work for the video!

To activate feature, go to the camera and tap on the camera screen. The little bar will appear and you can touch the plus or minus sign to zoom in and zoom out respectively. Neat.
Next is this peculiar little bar at the bottom. This bar can appear at any menu or application.
If you slide over the bar, it changes to show everything in your menu.
To activate, double depress the home button and this bar will appear. To exit, simply slide downwards to close the bar.

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