Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iPhone 3Gs Firmware 4.0

Sick of this view on your 3Gs? Jailbroken but lost your warranty? No more worries!

Wohooo. Firmware 4.0 is a visual leap. Otherwise its just another Apple hot air. But so what? Its cool.

Here are the new feature on the iPhone firmware 4.0:

The most interesting one is the wall paper feature. I guess Apple got so annoyed at people jailbreaking just because of the hideous black background.

Now, you can select your wall paper from your library!
Here is how the wall paper looks like on screen.
Notices that the bottom bar resembles more of Macs than the original layout. Wonder when will they put the same feature of the Mac's bottom bar into the iPhone.
Next, there are sub groups. For example, the calculator, clock, compass and voice memos are grouped under utilities. Further more, one can group objects into groups.

To do this, just hold on the screen and drag one icon onto another. A new group will appear and you can drag icons into the group. To rename just hold on to any icon, touch the group and you will be able to enter your own group name.
Kinda pointless, but i guess it saves some space from pages and pages of apps.

So what other things are new with firmware 4.0?

Apart from the features posted earlier, the response for the main screen is faster than before. Also, many of the icons and transitions were animated when you transition from one screen to the next.

Another prominent feature is the addition of iTunes into the main menu. This way, you can buy the entire iTunes directory rather than just applications like before!
One thing removed in firmware4.0 is the Wi-Fi Short-cut in the main menu! Noo!! Firmware 3.x had easy access to Wi-fi and an extra one in the setting page. Now, Wi-fi is only on the settings page. =(

Overall, the most prominent feature is the wall paper. It has been long overdue. The next important one is making the iPhone 3Gs tad much faster than before. Wi-fi connects even faster and the time it takes to change from one screen to another is now 0.5 seconds from 0.8 seconds...

Other Features Apple should consider:
Mass delete of photos
Using your iPhone as a USB sick without exposing the root directory and safety

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