Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sky Dining at Mount Faber Sentosa Cable Car

This is the best surprise of our 10th Anniversary!

Thanks Patricia from the Jewel Box for going the extra mile!

Out of the Harbourfront MRT, we cut though a mall and VivoCity, into the offices where ExxonMobil Singapore was situated.

"Why so dodgy one?" Yes it did look very dodgy the small dark paths that led to our next stop.

We arrived at a counter and it read - Sentosa Cable Car. We were going to dinner in a cable car. More precisely, we were going to have fine dining in a cable car!

This was a dining experience like no other and its boasted as the only one of the world! We took the elevator 12 stories up into the office towers and made our way to the Jewel Box at Mount Faber.

We were served with a welcome drink as we waited for the next cable car restaurant to pass by.

In a matter of minutes, the 3 course meal was placed into the cable car (no idea how the hell they pull that off but two thumbs up) and we were cozily seated.

Only the two of us, with a fine dining meal, in a cable car, hanging some 15 stories in the air. The dinner consists of 3 round trips, from Mount Faber to Vivocity to Sentosa, each round lasting 30 minutes. They would start with appetizer and after 30 minutes your car would come back to Mount Faber for the main, and another round for dessert.

What I would applaud is the way the delight their customers. I know my BB is most happy when the experience can bring her to tears.We had our dessert at the Jewel Box Restaurant forgoing another 30 minutes on the cable car. Remember to come early around 6.30pm otherwise there are limited rounds till 8.30pm.

Also, here's how the place looks in a virtual tour:
During my booking, I noted that it was my 10th Anniversary, and I did not expect anything else. However, when we got to our dessert, this was what we got! We go a personalized dessert from the kitchen! It did not really cost them a thing but it really made a huge difference that night!

Thanks Jewel Box Sky Dining!

Happy anniversary BB!


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