Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy 10th Anniversary Surprise!

You don't really need a reason to surprise someone but if you want to surprise your girlfriend/wife/ex-wife/lover/spouse and you are around South East Asia, I'll recap what we did for

The Most Romantic 10th Anniversary in Singapore!


"BB, where are we going?" BB asked.

"It's a surprise. Not telling you until our anniversary!" I replied.

 It has been 12 years since we first met and January 24th 2014 marked our 10th anniversary together. Thank you BB for your love after all these years.

Such a special occasion deserves a celebration. As you would have guessed, cakes, flowers, cards, photos, videos, countdowns etc has all be checked off my list the past 10 years...

 Now what? In our hectic working schedules, we needed somewhere to getaway for a few days that is not too far and a place which would be really memorable. Well, after some research, I decided to give BB a well deserved surprise!

"What should I pack for our surprise? Is it Thailand? Philippines? Australia?" BB kept asking but I wasn't spilling.

Planning bit by bit, 3 months ahead, the plan was flawless. I did all my homework, made all the bookings. Unlike earlier surprises, I kept a close lid on where we were going. BB keeps finding out my surprise one way or another, but this time, I won't let that happen.

 Five days before the surprise, a bag of chocolates unopened was lying on my table.

"Where are we going?" BB asked again.

I smiled and told her "Few more days I'll let you know".

Then, with my OCD, I began tidying the room, and arranging stuff. BB continued surfing the net. Looking at the chocolates and knowing I could not finish it, I muttered,

"Should we pack the chocolates in the bag and eat them in SINGAPORE?"

 I was expressionless, but BB's expression changed... She started laughing her head off. I was still clueless... until I realised I just told her where we are going! We spent the next few hours laughing about it... and we never did finish the chocolates.

What a funny way to start a Happy 10th Anniversary!

But the surprises just got started, and BB even cried tears of joy.

Here is the long recap what we did for

The Most Romantic 10th Anniversary in Singapore!



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