Friday, March 27, 2009

And your time starts here.......!!!

Easter Holidays!!! ARRRRR!! and what more a convenient time after 2 weeks of intensive Process Control and Dynamcis. Crazy 2 weeks it was... I spent almost 2 weeks -- whole 2 weeks camping the department, from 9am to 11pm!

Rushing for the exit was quite common, as the doors in the department automatically lock after 11pm.. The first time I stayed in late, I did not realise that there was such a system and I got locked in! Luckily there were workers doing construction work at night. The project was assessed through a test and by that time I was already half cookoo! During the test, I said "Up boy, up boy" and my partner turned around and asked, " Are you talking to the temperature?" That was how sad life was..

But life isn't all that sad, I got treated to a free lunh at

and tomorrow, dim sum!!

Time to enjoy the rest of my holidays.. cant wait to get back to really enjoy my holidays!


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CL said...

Haha.. wat do u mean up boy, up boy?? Hmm....sounds weird. Nandos! I remember my first time having Nandos was with u! hehe..muax

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