Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Looking for work?

Are you a student strapped for cash this holiday season?

Need to earn something from anything other than sales?
Have a good people sense and like lil kids and stuffed animals?

Look no further! Natural History Museum is here!
This is a front view of the museum! Old aint it?

Time sure has passed since I first stepped into its corridors. I was a desperate 1st year student looking for some extra cash to spend. Living on a tight budget for and searching for 2 months, I finally found a placement there by luck. And the rest was history!

Here are some interesting facts about colours:
Red was the first colour of the uniform I had. It was a fleece and it was so comfortable, I wore it almost everywhere I went in first year!
Blue whale hall is where the world most retarded engineer built the most retarded lift in the world.. A must see to laugh at his retardedness. Hope he was not from Imperial.
Green zone is where you can find a giant illusionary spherical TV that seems as big as a basketball court.
White is the colour of the polar bear's fur right? Wrong.. Polar bears have transparent hollow hairs and black skin!
Orange is the designated colour of the Darwin centre where they have the giant squid! Not to mention a whole 3 million specimens in the collection.
Purple is the current colour of my uniform. It looks quite gay i guess but I wear a Black suit over it so its not that bad.
Pink as in Pink fairy Armadillo is a cute small animal that a cute lil girl came to ask me directions for!
Golden is how the musuem looks like from the inside on a December afternoon when the sunset is so early everything gets dark by4pm.

Also, the musuem is quite timely. Heres what can happen in this time spans:
1 second: Thats how long the staff automatic door takes to open! so kewl!
1 minute: 1 plane will pass by the musuem facade to Heathrow Airport.
5 minutes: The effective time of my break. Usually we are given two 20 mins break and an hours lunch. But 5 mins to wait for your relief, 5mins to walk to the staff room and 5 mins to walk back =(
10 minutes: How often a lost child would be reported. The last one was hilarious. Here's how it goes.. Attention all radio holders, this is Golf 1 (call sign for front of house info desk), we have a lost child, he is 6 foot 2 and 16 years old.....wtf?? The cutest thing that happened is when a 5 year old girl came up to me and said "excuse me , I lost my daddy, he was in the dinosaurs" in the lil girl intonation.
30 minutes: How long the dinosaur queue and the musuem queue lasts for on a typical day.
1 hour: You could have spoken English, Mandrin, Cantonese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish to different people.
5 hours: You could be stading around doing absolutely nothing..
9 hours: OT.. your feet and your spine hurts from standing all day. Fatigued.. all you want to do is go home!



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