Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

21. What does that mean to you? 21 years on this planet. 21 years of seeing the light. Its good to be 21 no? It is always nice to know that

you might be one person to the world,
but to one person you might be the world.

Yes i'm talking about you my dear Chia Li! Thank you for being the first to wish me in two time zone! You definitely made my day dear! Look what I got:

A card from my babe! and inside, there was a picture of us from 2005! So sweet and inside there was a big line "I love you". As if that was all, here is what she did for me:

Doesn't it look so creative? Ha, that was taken in sunway! Thank you for your patience dear and for spending so much time with me even if you are so far away. I really miss the time we are together. Thanks a lot dear.

Well, i received a really funny surprise today from the most my housemates (and an unlikey visiotr. Those lil sneaks)!

Fish and Chips(Fried by Zhen and baked by Wai Kit)!! How did they know I like, that i will not know... also, they made a big serving of sangria blanca(Fruits bought by Ho Meng but i cut the pineapple)! I even got 2 birthday cakes (One from Ho Meng and a chocolate cake baked by yvonne!)

yay, look at me blowing out the candle! 2 candles for 20 and a half candle for 1! haahh.. quite a laugh. And here are the sneaky people who surprised me on my birthday:Thanks very much u people. Good to have friend like you guys.. but sooner or later, we will all be 21. So stop reading this and get out and live your life!



CL said...

Haha. You're welcome dear! Well, did u copy my birthday post title or is it just coincidental? Hahah. Great minds think alike perhaps? Hahaha. Oh well, I was just being the greedy me, trying to be first in everything for u! Even in the time zones! :P But looks like I won't be the first in EVERYTHING for u anymore. :(

Kokd said...

I did not copy anything.. I just randomly typed it and this was how it came up... Hmmm.. dont think we think alike... =) wouldnt want to simply cause being different if cool. Thanks for the wishes. Awwww... u can be first for other cakes okay? hahahaha

Kokd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CL said...

i din mention anything about cakes also??

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