Monday, October 6, 2008

Sabah's Secrets

The sunset from Sabah town, in front of Fred's house. Vibrant display of natural lights.
Driving a Pajero down the steep slopes, the sun peeked through the fog, like the light at the end of the tunnel.
Its hard driving in the fog, harder still when you are driving down hill with a cliff that drops 100m down your side. Don't shoot and drive!
From the water fall at one of the parks. This tiny one looked calm and serene in the jungle shade.
View from the pier off one of the many islands in Sabah. The azure sky and the emerald sea.
The boat ride to the islands! wee!
To get this shor right, Canon 400D, ISO 1600, 4.5F and a shutter speed of about 1/400. Fishes jumping up in the air!
Another view from under the pier.
Sunset on the beach cafe. Glorious view on the first evening with coconuts to drink!
Band of brothers walking out of the lavatories and into the sunset. Gay, yet, artistic.
The sun shine was bright and sad to say, i lost my really cool and $$ shades while on a trip. Moral of the story, dont bring valuables on your trips to avoid dissapointment. Go pasar malam get a few cheap stuff and donate the stuff to the people after you're done!


Simple Simon said...

fuyoo.. did anyone offer to buy your photos? hehe
1st time here kok.. nice pictures ^^

Simple Simon said...

Fine here ^^
how bout u ?
since when u go sabah wan?
i thought now u in UK?

Anonymous said...


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