Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is Jackie Chan Dead?

Answer: No.

He is more alive than you and still kicking! This is an elaborate hoax created by a bunch of April Fool noobs! The hoax site is called pastehtml.com where you can get the template of any website (eg CNN, Yahoo news etc) and create fake stuff that looks like it has been taken off a news website.

This is the hoax site... 

Real Sheet That is going on in the world!

Most Likely answers from other people -

Insurance salesman
If you want to know whether JC is really dead, I can guarantee you that in 50 years he will be. Just $1.99 a day! You could use a tsunami cover yourself...heres a good package...

The probability of Jackie being alive is 50% Therefore, therefore there is no solution.

Well, on average the life expectancy of a Hongkie is 82.3 years (Source: World Bank, World Development Indicators), therefore putting his "average" death year at 2041.

Alexandra Wallace
Ching Chong Ling Long Ting Tong. One less Asian person in the library.

Owen Wilson
We still haven't filmed Shanghi Morning yet!

Jet Li
I outlived him!

California Fitness
Astavista Jackie!
He'll be Back.

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