Sunday, March 17, 2013

Must Try: La vie en rose, French Breakfast!

Feeling a bit blue and stressed with life? Got a days worth of pay to blow? They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day to get you started, and if you feel that you need that extra kick, why not try something French!? 

Okay, I'll admit it, was feeling rather low and so BB thought it be great to cheer me up with something I have never tried before. So, we drove to the middle of KL, and there it was, nested right up a hill and overlooking a serene patch of history flanked by the modern KL tower.
 Welcome to la vie en rose! The Saturday morning was quiet as I think few people have discovered this place yet. Only another couple left before we got in.
 Nicely decorated, the floors are reminiscent of the smooth cooling cement floors you will get way back in the 80's on which families would sleep on in the day time  to escape the heat of the sun. Was a late breakfast but we ordered two things:

Eggy and Smokey - Even the names are so cute... Little did we know, it came with a whole host of other goodies! Its like paying for something only to find out that you get a lot of free goodies! What a nice feeling!
 Breakfast came with two baskets of croissant, bread and cakes, strawberry and apricot jam, with cubes of butter.
 The croissant was oven fresh but I could not handle any more cakes.
There was yogurt served with apple sauce, on a rather huge plate.
 To get the mood going even more, I got a summer pear juice that came in a bottle... Amazing, whole blended pear with honey, tasted like nectar. Hope you are not hungry and apologise if tingle your taste buds and make you drool...

Introducing... Eggy! Egg Benedict with scrambled eggs and a meaty sausage

Applause please for Smokey! Duckmeat shepherd's pie, grilled bacon and mushrooms on French toast, smoked salmon atop scrambled eggs.

 I don't normally do this but, this deserves a close up! Egg Benedict: Bread, braised watercress, fried egg, and some secret sauce that hints of mushroom and mint.
 Next, a meaty sausage... If you were there, you would see real meat inside of the sausage and not those blended ones which consist of mostly flour.

Breakfast also came with saute potatoes! Small cube of potatoes simmered in oil, garnished with parsley.
Thanks BB for bringing me there! If you are not drooling yet, read on. Next, my very own Smokey!
 Shepard's pie with braised duck meat, bacon and mushroom on toast with smoked salmon on scrambled eggs.

 You will usually have notion that if there is no people, the food will not be fresh. This place prooved me wrong, the salmon was really fresh, you can tell it from the slightly hard texture of smoked fish, and when served with the scrambled eggs, it was a new combination to me!
 Sorry, not halal...but the saute mushrooms and bacon on toast - meaty, soft, crunchy... delicious but a bit salty. Perhaps ask the chef for less salt.
 Oh no! This was the duckmeat shepherds pie! I swear if you open that up, the duck meat was just cooked to perfection and golden brown, with every trace of fat removed! Very seldom do I get duck served this way!

I hope that got you drooling for some! Certainly a nice place to go once in a while!

How to get there? The restaurant is quite tricky to get to because there is no obvious turning into the road. But here is a location map
 Note the outside looks like a house on a hill, over looking KL Tower and some old shop houses. You will not miss the big signage outside!
 Finally, here is the menu for your enjoyment! Bon Apetite!!


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