Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Share if you think its interesting! Control YouTube using Voice for Google Glass Concept Demo

Made this in 1 day for the 1st Astro Hackathon in Cyberjaya.
This is meant to be a concept demo for Google Glass and smart wearable applications in the future using HTML5 technology

Update: 15th Oct 2014

1. Currently only supported on Chrome laptop or desktop
2. Check here for support
3. Go to for the demo
4. Click the "On" to turn on the mic (better with handsfree mics)
5. Click on "Allow" for your browser

List of Voice Commands

Home Page
1. Video - Searches for Video on YouTube
2. Music - Search for Music on 7digital 

*Note 7digital may shut down the API key

Video Search Page
1. Play - Plays the current video
2. Home - Go to Home Page
3. EVA - Go to Home Page
4. Hide - Toggle help bar
5. Show - Toggle help bar
6. [Any other command] - Searches YouTube

Music Page
1. Play - Plays Video from YouTube
2. Start - Plays Video from YouTube
3. Buy - Plays Video from YouTube
4. [Any other command] - Searches 7digital

Video Play Page
1. Play
2. Pause
3. Stop
4. Replay
5. Home - Goes back to Home page

Have fun!

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