Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Operation Secret Santa ™

Mission objective:
1. Surprise Babe!
2. Fulfil her wants this holidays
3. Get her an awesome present
4. Get to work on time

1. Queensbay Mall

Mission duration:
2 days ending 24 December 2009
Mission log
Day 1:
1900 hrs I rushed out from the office warzone. This mission would be a covert solo mission. The targets have been located. After camouflaging my transport vehicle amongst the sea of other metal junk, I quietly proceeded to target number 1.

1930 hrs Target 1 accquired. I took by brute force a poor hostage. I put up a struggle but he was fierce. He looked at me with a grin but I was fast. It wasn't long before he surrendered.

I wasn't swayed. There shall be no mercy and the mission must go on as planned.

1945 hrs Target 2 spotted. Reaching low into the abyss, I climbed down to the trenches to find an elusive relic that is rumoured to be the fountain of youth itself. You feel younger just by holding it. What a treasure.
Fine print: Users may exhibit dependence.

2000 hrs I needed someplace to stash my bounty. I met an old friend not far from where I picked up the fountain of youth. He might be old, even older than most of us, but it seems like he did not age a day. I was feeling really tired after a day of battle. But this old friend's smile kept me going. Target number 3 came peacefully.

2030 hrs It feels as if someone was following me. Well duh, it was a frigging packed mall. But anyway, target number 4 awaits somwhere in the labyrith. People call it Popular for some reason. No matter. Like a needle in a haystack, I saw this shiny beacon, a glimmer in the mountain of black books. I found it! The one book it plan it all!

Within this book lies the power to plan your year one day at a time gain vision over all the Earth (It has a kewl mini map inside! wee!)

Collateral damage:
I escaped the battlefield only with a pair of tired legs and a hole in my pocket. Command reports that our mission secrecy has been compromised. Spies from the other side has informed babe!! Nooo.. but the surprise is not ruined yet. I retreated back to base.

Day 2.

0700 hrs No time to loose, before the dawn broke, I was already up sealing the package. No time to wrap surprises after office hours! It was now or never!

0000 hrs Merry X mas Bb!!

Mission accomplished.


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Anonymous said...

quite interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone hear that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

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