Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Under The Sea @ Aquaria KLCC

Getting to KL
Looking like the ambassador for Aeroline.

During my summer break, I decided to take BB to KLCC to visit the Aquarium. She has never been in there before, and neither have I, so it was another first time experience for both of us.

Okay, driving in KL is a challenge in itself. I love driving.Yes, I love driving.

But I hate hate hate... did I say I hate? Yes I hate driving in KL. See what I mean? The first time driving in KL, one chau ah ma even scolded me for driving so slow. Patience is virtue I'd tell her.

From Sunway, the idea was to drive to Taman Jaya where I could park my car and take the LRT to KLCC. Well what do you know, they (ppl in charge of the station) decided to close down the whole carpark to put some tractors there.

No parking even if we wanted to pay. Sigh. Fine.

Plan B.

Drive into the heart of KLCC. So, not having the slightest memory of how to get to KLCC, I took the risk of driving there anyway. Okay, from Subang, straight down the Federal Highway. Take the 3 o' clock at the underpass roundabout, follow the LRT line to Jalan Pudu, turn left to Jalan Hang Tuah and turn right just before Equatorial Hotel.

Wow, sometimes I impress even myself. I did not drive on that road since 2007. After just about 30 mins, we found the Petronas Twin Towers.
(They are not hard to spot actually, the only towers that look like chopsticks sticking out of the ground). We parked our car below Suria KLCC and headed for the aquarium.
The signature elevators at Suria KLCC.

Before that, we took a pitstop at the food arcade for a classic 1901 hotdog.
New York Chicken! My favourite!The old logo was banned due to political reasons I reckon.
Where better to chow down than the scenic KLCC Park

At Aquaria, there were student discounts for the both of us (Yayy!) Less than RM20 per person. I'll let the pictures do the talking.Welcome!Do you know that the Golden Arowana is related to kangaroos? They jump out of the water, up to 4 feet into the air!Lame specimen of a PieceanWhat do fish do in groups? Go to school.This is what you get when you cross a lion and a fish. Did not expect that did you? Hey, I'm serious, kiss this beautiful specimen and he will turn into your prince charming.
For visual instructions, look below:

Step 1: Kiss specimen

Step 2: Wait for it.

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...


Ah crap, it's just me. Next frog please..

Toilet break!
Favourite decoration: Vain Pot

Taking a stroll around KL Convention Centre.

All that underwater life makes me hungry. Some seafood? We headed back to the food court to refuel. Seafood pasta!

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