Monday, March 29, 2010

Cake to go!

What's sweeter than baking a cake for your favourite sister? Very few things can compare. So thats exactly what BB did for her big sister!

Okay. So getting a cake done from scratch was kinda difficult, so bb and me decided to get a PREMIX! Such cheaters. However, there it was in itself an experience for BB who did not bake a cake for her sis before.

Okay, first ingredient you need is a really emo pet doggy. Note the frizzy hair right after a bath.
Need one weighing scale and a chemical engineer,
A trusty electric mixer to save your time,
Butter, a baking tray, water.

It was kinda easy. just threw in a couple of eggs and the butter and mix for 5 mins. After that, we got a creamy chocolaty batter type thing..
Pour it into the baking tray... Make sure u butter and flour the tray first!
Well as you can see, one baking tray was no enough, so I'll show you what to do with the excess!
Feed it to the dog!! Look at him.. so cute and curious..Kidding.. but seriously.. don't feed chocolate to dogs!! The active ingredient in chocolate is toxic to doggies like Kiki..
Wondering what we did with the rest of the batter??

Okay, place in the oven at about 200 Celsius for 55 mins.
Word of caution: Don't over fill the baking tray! Not you will get mountain Everest in you oven!
Remove the cakes from the oven with your trusty oven mitts!
Lesson learnt: Small cakes take shorter time to cook! If not they will become biscuits! Hey, at least we found out how to make cookies...
Note the volcanic crater in the middle!
Next, time to add the condiments. Here is a pack of 200ml whipping cream. Keep it in the fridge and use it cold. Its good to freeze a whipping bowl and the mixer head as well, keeps it stiff when you whip.

Now whip the cream till a fluffy consistency and store in the fridge if necessary.
Leave the cake to cool so that it does not melt the whipping cream!
Now, what we did was sliced the cake into smaller pieces.
As my lovely assistant demonstrates, this is how u coat the cake in cream.
My lovely assistant!
Okay... here is my relatively "well" candy rice coated cake...
and here is BBs! Ooo. not something u wanna give to someone before doing more work on it.
Haha.. paiseh... not a good decorater.. but getting there..
Okay, my BB adding final touches to the cake.

So, when you wanna give one to your sister, make sure you put a really big heart at the top!
Hmmm. Using chopsticks is kinda crude but it works!

And finally, after some two hours of preparation... the perfect lil surprise for a birthday sis!

This is kind wrong and out of the topic but BB enjoys vaining in front of my full length mirror. Who ever feels so obliged to appreciate a little sisters cuteness and thoughtfulness, please get her one.

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