Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The uni life and three quarters

Woe and worries where are my keys?
No time to get up not time for tea?
Get up now, get some undies,
Its another Monday, time for uni.

Grab you papers, feed the cat,
No more sleep that’s so sad.
Run, you're going to be late,
Shouldn’t have snoozed in bed.

Listening to lectures is sometimes a bore,
The theatre's so nice, hope i don’t snore.
Look left, look right, look at the door.
Constantly thinking about that Mafia War.

So tired, so bored, so many commitments.
The books are piled high like apartments.
Sometimes all we need is a little entertainment,
But, so little time, so maaaaaanyyyyyyyy assignments!!!!!

Look out the window, lights like a prism,
This report's pointless, so troublesome,
Haha.. I’ll procrastinate do it later,
Oh well, have to finish it over Easter.
How come my senior's score so awesome,
Copy and paste is so plagiarism.

Process Equipment someone help me design!
Process Eng how many pages? ninety nine!
Are you on the cost estimation, yes I am!
Little bit more, please don't sleep at 6am!

Staring at the screen looking for inspiration,
Oh what I could do with some motivation.
Take out your Nokia, Apple or Ericsson,
Check your Facebook, is that globalisation?
Why am I here? My friends are on vacation,
Should not have filled that uni application.

Take a tram take the subway,
The smell will not make my day.
Take a cab take a bus,
Why is does this person have a big...
Walking back, cycle at most,
See that Lambo, I want one of those!

Weekends here, Say hi to buddies.
Having wicked fun, time for parties.
Turn on the music, lets get funky
Hope my friends don't get too
Get out, get down, get hammered.
Hang out, hang down, hang overed.
Help your friend off that toilet floor,
Shoulder them back out that door.

Weekends are gone, the cycle starts again.
Who agrees life is such a pain.
Life's short, don't we crave for more freedom?
This post is weird, so totally random.

PS. not yet wonky, just kokd.

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