Thursday, March 4, 2010

Creepy: Creepe

Crepe or the French pancake is a relatively simple recipe to try.

Ingredients (Makes about 6 pieces):
1. 1 cup all purpose/wheat flour2. Half cup milk
3. Half cup melted butter
4. Half cup water
5. 2 eggs
6. 2 teaspoons of salt
You will also need:1. Mixing bowl
2. Sift
3. frying pan
4. whisk or stirer
5. Fillings for the crepe, like chocolate spread or peanut butter. Nuts or sugar go well too.

Making the batter
You have two options:How the French do it:
Beat the eggs in a mixing. Add some milk and water. Sift the flour in a table spoon at a time. Add some butter and the salt. Continue to add milk and water, sifting flour in between until finish. Mix well.
How I do it:
I usually have crepes in the morning. Hence the get up look. Well, sometimes we are pressed for time especially when you have to get up for morning lectures. So, the night before, place all the flour into a mixing bowl and add the water, milk plus salt. No sifting required! Go to sleep.

When you get up, surprise, the flour would have already dissolved. Now add the butter and eggs and mix well.
Making the crepe
1. Heat up the pan till hot.
2. Spread some butter on the pan using a piece of paper towel
3. Pour just enough batter to cover the pan.4. Leave to cook for 1-3 minutes
5. With a spatula, separate the crepe from the pan. When brownish at the bottom, flip the crepe
or.... with some practice,
6. Cook for another 1-3 minues7. Wait for the brown hue. Flip onto a plate. 8. Add desired fillings, roll and serve.I like chocolate and peanut butter. You can use just granulated sugar.

There you go. Crepe.



Jasryn said...

Awesome... I've recently become very into crepe =D

Kokd said...

Was thinking of posting up more recipes.. Yumm.. any requests?

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