Saturday, March 13, 2010

Say Flare!

v. flared, flar·ing, flares
1. To flame up with a bright, wavering light.
2. To burst into intense, sudden flame.
a. To erupt or intensify suddenly
1. A brief wavering blaze of light.
2. A device that produces a bright light for signaling, illumination, or identification.
3. An outbreak, as of emotion or activity.
4. An expanding or opening outward.
5. An unwanted reflection within an optical system or the resultant fogging of the image.
6. A solar flare.
a. Football A short pass to a back running toward the sideline.
b. Baseball A fly ball hit a short distance into the outfield.
8. A bunch of gay guys and hot girls bent on creating Melbourne's best dance club!!!

Well, as many of you may know, this is my last semester on exchange in the University of Melbourne. I was very fortunate to be able to be a part of 2009's production, Maelstrom.
I made many new friends doing that, I am sure that Flare will bring joy to its new members as it did to me.

Sadly, I won't be able to be part of Flare this semester (Even as I type, I have 5 pile of A4 papers lined up on my desk).

Nonetheless, the partay in the park was great! It was an afternoon welcome session for all the new members and for the other members to have some fun. The 60 odd people were divided into four groups and were tasked to do some silly things.

When I arrived at University Square, there was this bunch of people doing a serious group hug!
Anyway, when I got there, the groups were tasked with doing funny things like make a human bicycle...

The handle bar..
You can be the pedals...
You know what, bicycles have very uncomfortable seats, not this one!
Head lamps, just in case it gets dark...
Watch the competition on iPhone!

Click here to download this video.

After that, round 2 was a plane competition! The goal was to crash into the other plane and who remained intact wins!

This mini jumbo jet with cock pit and pilot!
This Boeing comes with cushion seats and bow maiden! 8 horse power engines are free too. See the video planes crashing into each other!

Click here to download video.

See no evil, look down, I smell evil, no that's just me.
Check out that extension pack.. on the camera of course.
President of Flare!
What party would it be without food! Pizzas and pop drinks.. the student daily requirement
My couz, Caitlin!
Bee the Pizza girl. Wondering what flavour is the pizza.
Dim sum girl anyone?
Flare is about attitude! They have lookers, thinkers, drinkers and this guy looking rather surprised.
See, I told you I did not need to be deaf to use sign language.
Shiny Pearl.

It pays to be famous.Wondering what
Yusof.Lalalalalallalalalalalallalalalal. Lalas.Our emcee for the day!

Okay, next event after the interval was an impromptu dance choreography. It went with the tune of "I like big butts.."
Award for big butts goes to... Sha!Von vs Loges, she is certainly surprised at the showdown.Shaking butts in the park!Now u know why I say flare is full of gay guys? Not convinced? Check out the next picture.He was certainly enjoying it, look at his mouth!

Video at the end of the event.

Anyway, after a debriefing, we had a group photo!!

Here's to Flare! Wish you all a good year! Gonna miss you guys!
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