Friday, March 12, 2010

Valentines 2010 Remembered

Hidden in the pile of memories in my head was Valentines Day in 2004.

I remember that day vividly. It was at her school gathering. We were in uniform. She was in green. I was in white. I bought her a single rose. Yet, at that time, I think I did not have the courage to give it to her... I asked her friend to give it to her on my behalf.

We only got to spend two Valentines Day together before I left for Sunway.

Oh how time has gone by.

For Valentines this year, me and Babe decided to do something really special for our 3rd Valentines together!
From the picture you can guess that its a photoshoot!
BB has been *hinting* so many times to me to get our picture taken. So since I had only 2 more weeks left in Penang, we decided to make it happen!
Welcome to Penang Botanical Gardens! Our Bollywood PDA does make this place look nicer!
There are a few things you should be aware of when doing such a photoshoot.
1. Get a photographer! Thank you to Mr Micheal Cheang Wai Kin for being my photographer for the day! Make sure you treat your photographer especially if you are not paying!
2. Don't make lame jokes about how yours look like goldfish lips.
3. Find a nice background like this one. It gives the peaceful feeling of serenity.
4. Yeap, poles are always nice things to into the shot. All you need is a tree, a hundred dancers in construction hats and voila..instant bollywood!
5. Make up and hair: very important for the day!
6. A good body so you can show off your biceps to the world!
7. Props! Note the flowers in the picture. Makes the occasion ever more memorable. Just make sure you buy your flowers on days other than Valentines!!
8. Its all in the eyes. Eye contact makes the scene. Looking at each other and getting so immersed in the eyes is a good way to start, especially when she has such beautiful eyes. Looking at the camera will be more poser!
9. Smile - even if you look like the most retarded person in the world! At least i'm happy!
10. Weather - Its really hot in Penang. Better places to take pictures will be in Sydney where its sunny but not hot and humid at all. Also, sunny days make hard shadows so cloudy days will be best! Sweat..
11. Wardrobe! Malfunction! Don't look! Well, should have made sure my clothes were better for the occasion. Too late now.
12. Finally, to make the sweetest picture, be natureal! It is those few moments that will make memories last forever!

I certainly enjoyed my Valentines!

Specially for you Babe.

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