Sunday, March 7, 2010

How to satisfy a girl

with good food.

For our 6th Anniversary (As in 6 full years have passed, not the starting of the 6th year), I took Babe our for lunch. Knowing her so well, there was one thing that satisfies her craving more than anything else: Japanese food!

Where other to go than the famous Matsuki Japanese Restaurant in Gurney Drive.
So Matsuki is located not far from Gurney Drive, and it was actually a bungalow converted into a restaurant.

The interior is air conditioned and tries to give you as much Japanese feel as possible.
Only thing missing is the low table. There might be rooms inside which have those.Green tea is somehow associated with Japanese restaurants. This decorated cup makes such a feeling and gives you the oriental atmosphere. (Dude, it is just a cup)

And finally, dessert! I like dessert so I put it first. If you get their set meals for like RM13, they give you a complete 3 course meal. Which comes with ice cream available in strawberry, vanilla, and green tea!

Here goes nothing, Babe sampling the dishes.
I have not been back to celebrate our anniversary for 4 years now. I am glad that I came back this time round. I could see from the look of her eyes that the wants...

To drink green tea...
The egg pudding is quite good as well. Soup is included in your set. Nice. It is said that Japanese food is an art in itself. Indeed, presentation is what makes it different from any other food. I mean, who would go to the trouble of making egg pudding in a glass??
Ridiculous no? I was even willing to pay for it. Oh well. I did how ever enjoy my beef teriyaki and rice.
This was what I had. Beef slices, medium done in teriyaki sauce with a dash of sesame.
After the main course, we sat down to enjoy the ambiance. They provide refills for your tea, so stick around a bit.
So, when all the eating and the drinking is done, wait for the sweet and cute thank you that you deserve for knowing how to satisfy a girl!P.S. Happy 6th Anniversary to us Babe!

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