Sunday, April 4, 2010

IMAX Theater!

This Sunday, I decided to head to the IMAX cinema for a first time experience! The IMAX cinema in Melbourne is located in the Melbourne Museum, 7 storeys beneath the ground!

The ticket price was AUD18 for students and AUD22 for adults.The cinema was huge! Firstly, the screen is the 3rd largest in the world and is larger than an NBA basketball court! There were seats for about 500 people and from the picture on top, it seems endless.
The new 3D glasses were way cooler than the old green and red ones. Although the audience look like an army of lady gagas, it was they key to the movie. Quite amazing actually. It creates the illusion that the stuff from the screen are taking up that empty space in front of the screen. There seem to be different depths and also, the things come right up to you! Makes me marvel at the wonders of creation!
The movie I watched was entitled How to train your dragon. I watched the normal version before, so I did actually see how it was without 3D. Yet, 3D wins hands down. The experience was just amazing at the pinnacle of entertainment.Outside, the Melbourne Exhibition Hall greeted us.
Typical of Melbourne, vintage and the modern arts fuse to form this unique harmony.
That's me btw. Along with me, there was Pooven, Venessa and Adele.
Somehow, due to such immaculate timing, we were able to witness dusk at its splendor.
Note the 50 foot tree beside the 50 foot roof of the museum. Once again, modern art make way for nature and creates this harmony between man and the land.
Sunset came at the right time and painted the sky with such fabulous colours. The approaching clouds contrasted from the blue sky while the fading sunlight made the exhibition building glow with the last minutes of daylight. In the distance, the testament to Melbourne's rapid growth glimmer in the sun's rays.
Pooven trying to take a group picture of us. Careful! High voltage.
Finally, the museum entrance itself. Easter holidays prooved a good time to visit the museum!

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