Monday, April 26, 2010

Great Ocean Road Adventure #3/6 Twelve rocks and sunset

Thy light fades into grey. Thy rays race into the dusk and take all thy warmth from a land barren and broken.
So, next stop on our epic adventure is the Twelve Apostles! Aptly named the twelve rocks. We raced across the highway as the daylight burnt away.
We got there in time to savour the final radiance of the dusking sun.
Here, I was trying to do some high dynamic range pictures. This shot came out well.
Where as this one looks quite fake.
Nonetheless, it was a spectecular sunset. The beach, the cliff, the wind and the clouds.
We were not alone. Our fifty added to the other fifty people that were already. Turns out this is quite the tourist spot. Note the heavy tripods and the ND filters!
Who could argue. The only thing was the clouds, which gave some nice effects, but just made life a wee bit harder.
This one's a HDR of the above.
Although HDR would make things look more realistic, this low exposure setting gives it a more cool feel, the same feeling when you are wearing your black shades.
Another HDR lazily done. Would have done more not for my Heat and Mass Transport 2 test tomorrow!!
The thought of having a holiday right now... not so good.
Don't be fooled, the winds are massive and the temperature will test your endurance. Just wait till sunrise!

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