Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Great Ocean Road Trip! Album #1/6 On The Road

Some say the Great Ocean Road is the best scenic road in the world. Follow me as I take you on a journey of the Great Ocean Road adventure in extreme weather!

On the 11th of April 2010, 8 cars set off with 40 people from the Melbourne University Law building. Little did they know...

Yes, that is mud. The drive to the Great Ocean Road took 3 hours as we watch city turn to suburb and suburb turn to bushland.
Toilet break was in the alpine forest! The Australian definition of an eco friendly rest stop is a cess pit covered with porcelain. Too bad no pics of that. You would probably have better days not looking anyway.
The trees easily towered 50 feet! What you don't see is the muddy path. After the break, we began our own episode of lost.
Tailing KL's car. Surprisingly, Australian roads even in the outback is really well kept and built. No bumps or humps and one can easily go 110kmph next to someone's house!
The parked convoy waiting for the last guy as usual.
It helps to know that when you are in the outback or the highlands, there is no 3G coverage and all you iPhones loose all GPS capability. Note, reading maps can be really helpful. I take comfort in the fact that 3Gs has a built in compass!!
When in doubt, shoot!
Da Wei's car, the red Holden!
Finally, we get moving. So, part one of extreme weather. We drove right into an afternoon fog.
With 8 cars in convey, it was important that we keep a distance and keep close at the same time.
Notice how thick the fog was. This telephone pole made a good subject, standing out in the eerie mist.
Niah and his video re creation of the Blair witch project,
They journey continued.
For a long time. I waited. Patiently. No sign of civilisation. No sign of humans. Where are we? Australia...
There was no end to this fog. We might very well be in another dimension. Our journey continues...

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