Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New iPod Nano!

Remember this?

Apple recently released their new iPod Nano!

The new iPod Nano looks like this!

 Small eh?

Next year Apple will be releasing the next generation of the iPod Nano.

Gonna include GPS, Voice recorder and a phone, a baseball stadium, five cameras, compass, fingerprint recognition, TV, and perhaps just fit into a Swiss Army knife.

So small that you would need a microscope to see it! In real size, he is how it will look like:

Can you see it right there? The wonders of nano technology!

In another note, Apple has also released the new generation of iPhones, which look something like

Welcome to the iPhone 4! Well, good for them!

Personally, I think that there is a lack of creativity in the smartphone industry. I mean, to compete, Samsung has just launched their new smartphone which will look something like:


Other big players have hit the market with their own unique design as well!
Google's new Android:

LG's Chocolate:

Microsoft's new HTC:

Indeed, the smartphone industry is likely to see many new creative ideas! Wait for the next gen of smartphones!

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