Sunday, February 20, 2011

7th Anniversary!

OMG! I managed to finish 400 minutes talking on Skype with Bb! After that, I managed to drain my skype credit to 0.04AUD and my handphone balance to 0.08 pounds! Argh!

Luckily, I have another sim card which still had a lil more cash in it!

Taking out my old Nokia phone, I replaced the sim card.

Surprisingly! It still works!! Yayy! Yes, this lil baby has been with me since June 2004! so its almost like our 7th year together! Albeit the scratches, it still functions and can do all the things that it used to do!

It was nice flicking through the messages and I suddenly found this one one year ago!
At the end of last year, i guess the dream came true:



CL said...

Awww...I don't rmb sending u that msg!, I thought u forgot to bring the Nokia charger to London??

Kokd said...

That was last year!

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